WoW Dark Heart Content Update makes solo Mythic Jaina much easier

James Lynch
WoW Mage Jaina Proudmoore Dark Heart Content Update

The Dark Heart Content Update is now live on World of Warcraft servers, the next step in preparing for the release of The War Within later this year. At this early stage, it also appears to have made earlier content much easier for those looking to farm mounts and gear.

Specifically, the Mythic Jaina encounter from the Battle of Dazar’alor raid is now much more easily soloable than it has been in earlier versions of the game. The second phase of the encounter has always required six or more players, so the only choice for solo farmers was to kill her in the first phase.

The issue with that is that beating the damage check in time was very difficult, even for the best and most geared players. Now, changes brought about by the Dark Heart Content Update seem to have made solo Mythic Jaina a much more achievable reality.

Players have discovered that the major mechanics of the second phase onwards no longer to apply as they did previously. Specifically, the mechanic that freezes players before instantly killing them no longer seems to work, even though the debuff does visibly stack.

There’s no word from the developer yet on whether this is a deliberate decision or a bug, though it is more likely to be the former in light of Battle for Azeroth’s age. Other encounters from the expansion appear to have undergone changes as well.

Mythic G’huun also appears to be less mechanically intensive. The various slows, roots and debuffs no longer apply, but the encounter bizarrely still requires more than one person to deposit the Power Matrices within three seconds of one another.

Whether this is part of a wider move to make most BFA encounters soloable remains unclear, but this latest development will come as good news for mount and transmog hunters.

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