WoW 10.2.5. Azerothian Archives World Event guide: Mounts, Transmogs & more

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Seeds of Renewal Patch 10.2.5. is here and it has introduced a number of significant changes to the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight that players recognize from Patch 10.2.

Players can now take advantage of the new Follower Dungeon system, with bots filling the remaining dungeon slots outside of the premade group. It even allows characters to practice dungeons solo, backed by an AI-controlled squad.

One of the other major additions is the Azerothian Archives, an unusual new World Event that offers players nothing in the way of power bonuses or gear. Instead, there will be plenty of other rewards to earn and a new reputation to grind.

Here’s Dexerto’s full guide on how the Azerothian Archives work and what can be earned.

Azerothian Archives full guide for Patch 10.2.5.

Introductory quests

To start the quest chain required to unlock the Azerothian Archives, interact with any of the flyers posted around Valdrakken. This will start the first quest To The Archives!, which will take players to the main Azerothian Archives hub. The first six quests act as tutorials for the major activities involved, with the major two to look out for in Excavation 101 and Technoscrying 101.

All of the quests are relatively self-explanatory and, beyond the initial six quests, there is a far longer questline with story features. Completing the introductory storylines also unlocks access to Azerothian Archives World Quests, first in the initial Dragon Isles zones, then in the Forbidden Reach and Zaralek Cavern later.

The exciting news for those who don’t favor the grind is that progressing through and completing the introduction is account-wide. Once World Quests are unlocked on one character, they should be available for all max-level toons.

How do Azerothian Archives World Quests work?

There are three types of World Quest related to the Azerothian Archives for players to participate in: Technoscrying, Excavation, and Research. These reward Mysterious Fragments upon completion and reputation with the new faction. Details on how to complete the World Quests are as follows:

  • Technoscrying – After donning special goggles, players are tasked with searching for ancient discoveries, either by viewing events of the past or via information provided by the quest giver.
  • Excavation – These are essentially archaeological quests that task players with unearthing artifacts by using Elemental Totems to alter the terrain and temperature.
  • Research – Arguably the least tiresome of the three, these require players to fly over an area searching for ghosts, who will guide them to the locations of clues.

The Big Dig: Traitor’s Rest guide

The new event tied to the Azerothian Archives is The Big Dig, which occurs every hour at half past the hour. Taking around ten minutes to complete, the event takes place at the Traitor’s Rest and has an archaeological focus.

When the event starts, players are given themed tasks that reward pages upon completion. The bar will have the name of a specific tome upon it, and this will be granted as a reward to players whenever the bar is filled (which requires 1000 pages collected as a group). These tomes grant Mysterious Fragments and a chance at other rewards.

The full list of tomes is as follows:

  • Uncommon – Dusty Dracthyr Tome, Dusty Niffen Tome, Dusty Centaur Tome, Dusty Drakonid Tome, Dusty Djaradin Tome (grants 40-60 Mysterious Fragments)
  • Rare – Preserved Dragonkin Tome, Preserved Djaradin Tome, Preserved Isles Tome (grants 100-120 Mysterious Fragments)
  • Epic – Immaculate Tome (grants 280-320 Mysterious Fragments)

After completing the event tasks, a final boss will spawn. Once players are able to defeat it, they will receive additional Mysterious Fragments, reputation and a chance at further cosmetic rewards.

Azerothian Archives complete rewards list

Provisioner Aristta is the new vendor attached to the event, and they sell mounts, pets and transmogs in exchange for the new currency. The full list of available rewards and their associated costs is as follows:

Vendor Rewards

  • Explorer’s Stonehide Packbeast – 20,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • The Historian transmog set – 59,000 Mysterious Fragments for the full ensemble
  • Archivist’s Reading Spectacles – 12,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Rose-Tinted Glasses – 12,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Elegant Bag – 15,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Magnifying Mace – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Rockpuller – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Pathfinder – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Stone Chisel – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Improvised Cudgel – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Extravagant Lantern – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s “Light Touch” – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Spelunking Torch – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Sturdy Hook – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Mining Pick – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Archivist’s Super Scooper – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments
  • Coiled Archivist’s Rope – 10,000 Mysterious Fragments

That’s our full guide to the Azerothian Archives event and all of the associated rewards. The event is set to continue until at least the arrival of Patch 10.2.6., though it is likely to remain relevant until The War Within prepatch later this year.

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