WoW players slam Blizzard after discovering “unobtainable” items

Lauren Bergin
wow alliance players on exile's reach

World of Warcraft players have discovered a series of items that they can’t collect in WoW, and they’re not happy.

With WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 in full swing, players have returned to the dusty vistas of Azeroth to try out some of the new features for themselves.

Having removed the infamous AoE cap, as well as throwing open the doors to the Mage Tower once more, 9.1.5 has been heralded as breathing fresh life into the game – even if some deem it to be a little bit late.

It turns out, though, that all things aren’t rosy with the new update. Alongside some game-breaking bugs, players are demanding a way to access armor in the game that is currently “unobtainable.”

wow shadowlands mage tower in legion timewalking
As the bloodstained Mage Tower unleashes hell on Azeroth once more, it’s been overshadowed by some pesky items.

Players demand Blizzard add “unobtainable” WoW items

As the dust settles on the controversial Warlock gear that was supposed to be added in the upcoming 9.2 update, it seems like players still aren’t happy with the lack of decent-looking clothes.

Sharing a photo of an Alliance soldier brandishing a fearsome-looking lion-inspired shield, one player asks “why aren’t these obtainable in-game?”

Another references the iconic Arathi armor, writing that it’s the “same for the all grey set of the tier 3 Arathi plate armor. The white and gold looks amazing on Paladins but I’d rather have all-steel for my warrior, but the set is unobtainable.”

The original poster then points out that the new class-specific starter gear that dropped in 9.1.5 “isn’t transmoggable,” which makes another player “question why it was even added.”

The more skeptical commenters have noted that the devs themselves are the issue, stating that it’s “too much effort to add them,” and that “Blizzard doesn’t like the player base thinking there’ll be anything cool for them.”

With Eternity’s End already coming under fire, it’ll be interesting to see if Blizzard make some adjustments to the game’s current armor items – after all, facing the wrath of the Alliance is a pretty scary prospect…

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