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WoW Patch 9.2 reveals shakeup to PvP with new trinkets

Published: 23/Nov/2021 20:30

by Bill Cooney


World of Warcraft patch 9.2 is bringing three brand new trinkets to PvP that should change things up on Battlegrounds. 

WoW patch 9.2 will be the final major content update for Shadowlands, and in addition to a new questing zone there will also be changes coming to PvP play.

In addition to two new arenas and a solo queue coming to the game, three brand-new trinkets are as well. Altogether this should change up the PvP experience for players in the final leg of Shadowlands.

New WoW 9.2 PvP trinkets

New PVP trinkets coming in 9.2 from wow


The Cosmic Gladiator’s Devouring Malediction provides a healing absorption, the Eternal Aegis boosts Defense, and the Resonator acts like a grenade to deal cosmic damage to all nearby enemies.


Healers and supports will probably want to go for the Devouring Malediction because of the bonuses to healing, obviously. The Resonator is perfect for DPS players, and the Eternal Aegis’s damage absorption is awesome for Tanks.

All three items should be available from either of Shadowlands PvP vendors: the Assessor of Conflict or the Master of Conflict, both located in the Enclave in Oribos.

What is Cosmic Damage in WoW Shadowlands?

Blizzard Entertainment
Cosmic damage has been throwing some players for a loop in Shadowlands.

Each of these trinkets has something to do with the new ‘Cosmic Damage’ type, which deals a combination of Holy, Nature, Shadow, and Arcane damage.

Some players have complained that Cosmic damage is tough to deal with, especially in PvP. However, that could be because the four different elements that make it up aren’t really spelled out anywhere.


So, if you add Holy, Nature, Shadow, and Arcane resistance, you shouldn’t have a problem negating at least some of the impact Cosmic Damage will have.