WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2: Eternity’s End release date, Zerith Mortis, class sets & everything we know

world of warcraft wow shadowlands eternity's end patch 9.2 the jailer zovaalBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion, Shadowlands, comes to a close in Patch 2.0, aptly named Eternity’s End. Here’s its release date, as well as all of the new features we can expect to accompany it.

In the wake of a difficult year for World of Warcraft, WoW Shadowlands’ final chapter, Eternity’s End, will pit our hero and their allies against the full might of The Jailer himself.

Set amid the otherworldly plains of Zerith Mortis, the home of the First Ones that created all life in Azeroth, players will finally face off against fallen king, Anduin, with the infamous Banshee Queen and former antagonist, Sylvanas Windrunner, by their side.

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But just when can we dive into all of the action? And what new features can we expect? Here’s everything we know about WoW Shadowlands patch 2.o, including Eternity’s End’s release date.


Eternity’s End: Release date

WoW Shadowlands patch 2.0 will release on February 22 at approximately 10AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM GMT / 7PM CEST.

Players can, however, access the PTR ahead of release in order to test out some of the expansion’s new features.

WoW Shadowlands Eternity’s End: Trailer

In a video deep dive into the dazzling world of Eternity’s End, Blizzard showcase the world of the First Ones, and provide some insight on what we can expect to find on our celestial adventure.

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WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.2: New content

Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid

The Sepulcher of the First Ones is the new Raid arriving with the Eternity’s End update. Here, players must uncover the Jailer’s plans for domination by gathering the power of the First Ones.

Players will face eleven different bosses, including our fallen hero, Anduin Wrynn, and Zovaal, The Jailer himself. Anduin will be the Sepulcher’s main boss for the first two weeks of the expansion, with The Jailer and his tenacious band of terrors added from there.

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Zereth Mortis

Eternitys End Zereth MortisBlizzard Entertainment
Players will open a portal to Zereth Mortis and fight off the Jailer.

This patch will bring a brand new zone for players to explore and protect: Zereth Mortis. This was made by the First Ones as a place to create afterlives and everything we’ve seen throughout our World of Warcraft journeys.

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While it is described as an alien environment, players will notice two distinct biomes: one dominated by emerald plant life, and a desert-inspired plain. In the lush zone, players can explore vibrant oases and even walk on water, whilst the dry area serves as a reminder of how the world looked pre-creation.

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Class Tier Sets return

world of warcraft wow shadowlands eternity's end patch 9.2 class setsBlizzard Entertainment
The fan favorite class sets have returned in patch 9.2, and boy do they look gorgeous.

Players asked and Blizzard have listened: class tier sets will be making a triumphant return in Eternity’s End. Allowing players to deck their character out in gold and white garments that reflect the angelic feel of Zerith Mortis, you’ll be able to craft these highly coveted items using the all-new Cosmic Flux.

Players can collect this all-new currency by completing a vast array of different activities, and can deposit it in the Creation Catalyst to create these stunning new sets.

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New Factions

WoW Creature The Enlightened Blizzard Entertainment
Eternity’s End will introduce The Enlightened and players will work closely with them in Zereth Mortis.

When the First Ones created Zereth Mortis, they left the Automa in charge to protect it and create afterlives. A key part of your 9.2 experience will be winning over these age old creatures, as well as the Enlightened Brokers, a faction who have spent years exploring the bowels of this other-worldly environment.

The Automa of Zereth Mortis speak in a musical language that players will not understand upon arrival, so you’ll have to team up with your very own Automa in a new progression system to learn their ominous tongue and uncover the zone’s long-kept secrets.

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New PvP Arena

world of warcraft wow shadowlands maldraxxus colosseum arena pvp patch 9.2 eternity's endBlizzard Entertainment
Bathed in smog and sludge, Maldraxxus houses the new PvP arena.

On top of all of this, PvP players will be able to access an all-new Arena in the warlike capital of Maldraxxus. Entitled ‘The Colosseum,’ players will be able to duke it out and prove their mettle amid the smog-like structures of this age-old realm.

Torghast Changes

While it may not be players’ favorite place in the world, the infamous Torghast will see a huge overhaul coming into 9.2. Four new layers will be added to the tower of terror, all of which are populated by stronger versions of the existing enemies.

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Additionally, players can take on the Jailer’s Gauntlet, a game mode that allows players to tear through a series of exponentially powerful bosses to take the crown.

So that’s everything you need to know about WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2, from when you can dive into Eternity’s End, to all of the new features you’ll get to explore. In the meantime, though, be sure to keep your eyes on our dedicated WoW page for all of the latest news.

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