WoW devs announce Eternity’s End Warlock armor changes following backlash: “This was an oversight”

Julian Young
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After community outrage over a new Warlock armor set arriving with Eternity’s End, the World of Warcraft dev team acknowledged fan feedback and confirmed the outfit would be updated prior to WoW’s Patch 9.2 release.

The epic conclusion to World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands saga, Eternity’s End, had a less-than-stellar reveal. Between a lack of community interest and Blizzard’s on-going embroilment in a slew of sexual harassment lawsuits, the game’s next content drop is already facing an uphill battle.

The WoW team was hit with another controversy after one of the armor sets being added in Eternity’s End was slammed by the community for its “unfortunate” design, which many fans interpreted as downright offensive.

However, in a move to appease their concerned player base, the World of Warcraft dev team announced that the controversial outfit would be changed prior to its release in Update 9.2, and called its initial design “an oversight.”

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The design of some Eternity’s End gear didn’t sit well with fans.

WoW devs announce changes to controversial armor set

On November 19, the World of Warcraft devs issued an official response to the outrage on Twitter. “We hear you and agree,” they shared, before continuing “This was an oversight where we hadn’t yet fully reviewed this set from every angle before putting it into the initial test build.”

The WoW team also confirmed that they’ve “already begun work to adjust the set,” and assured the community that its look will be updated according to feedback: “You’ll see [these] changes in a forthcoming build of the Eternity’s End PTR.”

Many fans were amazed by the quick acknowledgement and action from the World of Warcraft team. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Blizzard respond to feedback this fast before,” one fan remarked, as word of the change spread on the game’s subreddit.

“Clearly an oversight,” a second comment read. “I didn’t spot it myself until someone pointed it out. It’s nice to see them respond quickly.”

It remains to be seen how Eternity’s End will land when it does arrive, but it appears the WoW team’s reversal of this armor controversy went over quite well with fans, and Blizzard has one less point of contention to worry about for now.