WoW Dragonflight servers down? WoW server status, maintenance & updates

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Is World of Warcraft down? Here’s a rundown of the current server status in North America and Europe, as well as whether or not Blizzard has any maintenance scheduled for WoW Dragonflight / Classic. 

Picture the scene: you’ve finished work/school/university, and you’re all cozied up in front of your PC about to dive into World of Warcraft – but you can’t get in. It’s happened to us all, don’t worry.

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Server outages are usually a result of two different things: something malfunctioning on Blizzard‘s end, or planned maintenance to introduce new hotfixes or patches. Though with the launch of Dragonflight, as millions jump into the game, servers can take a hit during these extremely popular moments.

Is World of Warcraft down right now, though? Here’s a rundown of everything we know about WoW’s server status and upcoming maintenance to save you punching your monitor.

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Sometimes even the sprawling universe of Azeroth needs to shut its doors.

Is World of Warcraft down? Dragonflight server status & DDoS reports

At the time of writing (November 28, 3:55PM PT), all realms across Europe and North America & Oceania are operational. This can be seen on Blizzard’s WoW realm checker hub.

Though that’s not to say all has been perfect. Thousands of players have been left in the menu as server outages have struggled to get everyone involved. “We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible,” developers said just hours after the expansion went live.

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Moreover, Blizzard is also experiencing issues with its authentication servers. This means it may take longer than usual to login, or your login attempt may even fail. Rest assured, they’re on the case and working to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Is there any planned maintenance for WoW?

The first scheduled maintenance of the Dragonflight era is already locked in. WoW servers are set to be taken down on Tuesday, November 29 at 7AM PT. This maintenance period will run for a full hour, with servers expected to come back online at 8AM PT the same day.

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We’ll be sure to update this page with the latest information on any downtime.

So that’s everything you need to know about whether or not World of Warcraft’s servers are down and if Blizzard have any maintenance planned.

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