WoW Havoc Demon Hunter guide: Shadowlands covenant, races, talents, stats

Havoc DH guideBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s Havoc Demon Hunter is one of the game’s most agile and deadly melee classes. With the power of fel on their side, no WoW foe is unvanquishable. Are you wanting to tap into some of the dark magic yourself? Here’s how to do it.

Demon Hunters are one of the two hero classes in the World of Warcraft. Released during the Legion expansion back in 2016, the class and all of its specs were an instant hit, so much so that they are still a favorite six years later.

Although the only class with two specializations in WoW, Havoc Demon Hunter is the go-to for many with its abundance of mobility and quick burst damage.

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Havoc Demon Hunters are a menace in any field, be it in PvE with Dungeons and Raids to PvP in Arenas and Battlegrounds. That’s why we’ve put a guide together on how to take part.


What is the Havoc Demon Hunter?

Demon Hunter Night Elf in The Shattered AbyssBlizzard Entertainment
Demon Hunters fear no enemy.

Vowing to slay any demon, or any foe, in their path, Demon Hunters are some of the most formidable heroes in WoW. This is showcased by their willingness to sacrifice it all for the greater good once they took on the powers of the very foes that once chased them, Demons. As disciples of Illidan Stormrage, they uphold a dark legacy, one that for the longest time had them shunned from society until the Legion visited Azeroth. Since then, they’ve been part of the cause.

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Havoc Demon Hunters, in particular, take a more direct approach when facing an enemy, with a warglaive in each hand, they utilize the destructive powers of Fel magic to the best of their abilities.

They are the kings of on-demand damage with their ability to enter demon form, increasing their damage for six seconds while also making sure they can stay out of harm’s way with their mobility.

Best Races for Havoc Demon Hunter in WoW

If you want to take part in the demon-like fighters, you’ll only be able to use two races: Blood Elves for Horde and Night Elves for Alliance.

As aforementioned, Havoc Demon Hunters are great for both PvE and PvP, unfortunately, that cannot be said for both of the classes’ playable races. Although Night Elves have their niche with their Shadowmeld and other Racials, Blood Elves’ Arcane Torrent can’t be beat. The ability to have 15 Fury on command every two minutes and be able to remove one beneficial effect from all enemies within eight yards can be clutch in both Arena and Mythic+ settings alike.

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Blood Elf DHBlizzard Entertainment
Blood Elves are the best choice for Demon Hunters.

Best Talents for Havoc Demon Hunter

As you progress through your WoW journey, you’ll quickly start acquiring a number of new talents. These talents can greatly influence your playstyle; one or two talent choices can make a big difference.

This is what we’ve found to be the best generic path for Havoc Demon Hunters:

Talent Level Acquired Description
Blind Fury 15 Eye Beam generates 40 Fury every sec. And its duration is increased by 50%.
Insatiable Hunter 25 Demon’s Bite deals 20% more damage and generates 5 to 10 additional Fury.
Unbound Chaos 30 Activating Immolation Aura increases the damage of your next Fel Rush by 500%. Lasts 20 sec.
Netherwalk 35 Slip into the nether, increasing movement speed by 100% and becoming immune to damage, but unable to attack. Lasts 6 sec.
Cycle of Hatred 40 While Chaos Strike refunds Fury, it also reduces the cooldown of Eye Beam by 3 sec
Unleashed Power 45 Removes the Fury cost of Chaos Nova and reduces its cooldown by 33%.
Demonic 50 Eye Beam causes you to enter demon for 6 sec after it finishes dealing damage.

There are a number of swaps that can be made depending on the situation, mainly in the level 35 and 45 talents. Netherwalk can be swapped out for Soul Rending if you’re looking for a more consistent way to self-heal while Unleashed Power can be swapped out for Master of the Glaive if you’re looking for a bit more damage and want to slow your targets down.

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Havoc Demon Hunter: Best Stats to level

Progression in World of Warcraft is natural, the more you play the stronger you get. Part of this comes from the gear you acquire along the way.

When it comes to Havoc Demon Hunters, the stats you’d want to focus on would be Agility above everything else as it’s the classes’ main stat, then Versatility, Haste, Critical Strike, and Mastery.

Versatility increases the overall damage you do, meaning that the more Versatility you have the more damage you’ll do. It also has an added bonus of doing the same but for damage taken, to a lesser degree.

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Haste comes as a close second due to the fact that the more Haste you have, the higher the proc rate for nearly everything in the game goes up, reduces your cooldown on some of your spells, and reduces the global cooldown – a huge plus for melee classes.

Then when it comes to Critical Strike and Mastery these stats taper off a bit. Although having the possibility of abilities doing extra damage is a plus, the fact that both Chaos Strike and Eye Beam are guaranteed to crit reduces its value. While Mastery just increases overall damage done and gives movement speed, it’s not a top choice due to its poor scaling.

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Havoc Demon Hunter: best Covenant in WoW Shadowlands

Venthyr DHBlizzard Entertainment
Venthyr is the way to go for Havoc Demon Hunters.

With the release of Shadowlands came the Covenant system, the expansion’s power. Each class is forced to select one out of the game’s four different choices with each giving their own benefits and abilities.

For Havoc Demon Hunters, the two Covenants you’d be looking to join would be Venthyr and Night Fae.

  • Venthyr Havoc Demon Hunter ability: Sinful Brand – Brand an enemy with the mark of the Venthyr, reducing their melee attack speed by 30%, their casting speed by 30%, and inflicting (338% of Attack Power) Shadow Damage over 8 sec.

Activating Metamorphosis applies Sinful Brand to all nearby enemies.

  • Night Fae Havoc Demon Hunter ability: The Hunt – Charge to your target, striking them for (455% of Attack Power) nature damage, rooting them in place for 1.5 sec and inflicting (227.7% of Attack Power) Nature damage over 6 sec up to 5 enemies in your path.

Of these two, we recommend the Venthyr Covenant with Night Fae as a side option. Venthyr provides a strong single-target option via both the Soulbinds and the ability itself. And when paired up with the Agony Gaze Legendary, Sinful Braind’s uptime is very high. It also has potential for explosive mass AoE when applied with Metamorphosis. One thing to note though, transformations via the likes the Demonic talent does not activate Sinful Brand’s mark.

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So that’s our Wow Havoc Demon Hunter guide! If you’re looking to begin your adventures as a relentless warrior who wields Fel and is incredibly mobile, this guide has everything to help you start.

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