WoW Dragonflight leveling guide: How to level up fast to level 70

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WoW Dragonflight leveling guide shows players how to get to level 70 as fast as possible with a few tricks that will speed up the process.

Like every WoW expansion, Dragonflight is raising the level cap, this time going from 60 to 70.

Although some players play for the lore and the story of World of Warcraft, there are tons of players who want to zip through it as fast as possible in order to get to the end-game content and get the very best armor.

Here are our tips & tricks that will help you reach the new max level with ease.

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WoW Dragonflight is finally here, and here’s how to level up with speed.

The first major decision to make when kicking off the new adventure in the Dragon Isles is to decide if you care at all about the story of Dragonflight. If you do, then you’ll want to be dedicating some time to reading text bubbles from NPC interactions, watching every cutscene that isn’t skippable, and looking out for interesting side quests and soaking in all there is to be done.

You can also fly around the Dragon Isles and pick up every single Dragonriding glyph, which will unlock all of the abilities you can execute while high in the sky.

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However, if you do not care about the story at all, then there are a handful of little things you can do to speed up the process which is leveling from 60 to 70.

WoW Dragonflight leveling guide

First off, skip through every single line of dialog and slam that ‘Accept’ button for each mainline quest. Also, skip through cutscenes that allow you to do so.

On top of that, the best way to speed through leveling is to actually speed up your character, which there are plenty of ways to do…

WoW Dragonflight leveling items and enchants

In the Dragon Isles, there are a handful of items and consumables that will grant you character excess speed, allowing you to zip through areas, pull big mobs, and complete quests much faster.

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Here’s a list of items we’ve found to be helpful.

  • If you are in a guild grab a guild cloak from your vendor in Orgrimmar or Stormwind which will allow you to set your hearthstone wherever you want in the Dragon Isles. Also, get a guild banner that helps you stack extra XP when killing monsters in a specific area for a long time.
  • Consume Fried Bonefish, which is the Shadowlands expansion version of Bear Tartare. It gives your character a 282-speed rating boost (about 20% at level 60) after you kill a monster that gives experience.
  • Equip the Straddling Jewel Doublet gem which adds a 13-speed rating for every Shadowlands gem you have equipped.
  • Equip The Fortified Speed cloak enchantment from Shadowlands which adds a 30-speed rating.

Beyond items and consumables, for maximum efficiency, make sure to be following the main line quests with the special yellow exclamation point with the brown border like the one below.

wow questBlizzard Entertainment
A WoW main story quest has a brown border around the yellow exclamation point.

Any quest that’s not part of the main story will not have a brown border, which means it’s optional.

Dragonriding should help move around the Dragon Isles much quicker, but grabbing some extra speed boosts will make aggroing and slaughtering mobs much quicker, which is the name of the game when it comes to leveling.

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