How to get Scrappy Worldsnail mount in WoW Dragonflight

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WoW Dragonflight has tons of new mounts to unlock, none of which are as awesome as the Scrappy Worldsnail. Here’s how to unlock the magma gastropod mount.

With each new WoW expansion, Blizzard Entertainment adds tons of new mounts for players to hunt and grind for.

Some of these mounts are more difficult to get than others, requiring multiple quests to complete and resources to gather.

The Scrappy Worldsnail has quickly become of the more desired mounts to unlock in the Dragon Isles, and here’s a guide on how to obtain it.

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Blizzard Entertainment
WoW Dragonflight was released on November 28.

WoW Dragonflight: How to get Scrappy Worldsnail mount

In order to obtain the Scrappy Worldsnail mount, players must complete The Shadow of His Wings questline to unlock the vendor that can sell it to you. The quest can be picked up from Ayasanth in The Waking Shores, just north of Obsidian Bulwark at the Smoldering Perch.

Complete the four-part quest, then go to Ayansath who is in a nearby cave that will be marked on your map. By unlocking Dealer Vexil, you’ll also be able to now collect a resource called Magmotes. The Scrappy Worldsnail costs 1,000 Magmotes from Vexil.

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In order to farm Magmotes, players can head to the west in the Obsidian Citadel and kill elite mobs to obtain Obsidian Keys. These mobs may be hard to kill, so consider teaming up with a friend or searching in the Group Finder for teammates.

Deliver these to Igys the Believer, who will give you a strongbox that will have a roughly 30% chance to give you an item called a Worldbreaker Membership. Using this will give you a debuff that will make all elites in the Obsidian Citadel area drop Magmotes, which will allow you to farm them for the resource. Note that collecting the 1,000 Magmotes will likely take multiple hours to complete, even in a group.

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After that, you can take all your Magmotes back to Vexil, and get yourself the awesome Scrappy Worlsnail mount to prove you are the best WoW player in your friend group or guild.

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