Major Valorant leaks reveal new Killjoy gameplay audio and animations

Brad Norton
Valorant character artwork

[jwplayer 78HRydq3]The next Agent coming to Valorant in 2020 appears to be all but locked in, after an assortment of new Killjoy turret animations, audio files, and more were uncovered in the latest update.

Riot Games recently explained the structure of content drops in Valorant, with new Agents coming in each Act. While Act II is still a ways off, its new Agent hasn’t been the best-kept secret.

Leaks prior to the game’s release outed the label of ‘Killjoy’ as a potential codename for a future Agent. Follow up leaks in June then exposed multiple abilities: a deployable turret alongside a new drone that floats throughout any given map.

Riot hasn’t quite been able to keep a lid on the next character and now, even more information has come to light in the latest update. Patch 1.03 was deployed on July 7 and dataminers quickly pulled apart the new files. Among the additions were a heap of Killjoy’s audio files, along with a brand new in-game animation.

While a character model hasn’t yet appeared for the Agent, a leaked Killjoy animation was pulled from the update and applied to Phoenix instead. The model grits its teeth and clasps its hands as some kind of pressure appears to be building.

“DetainedStateLoop” is the name of this animation and it appears to be attached to Killjoy’s Ultimate, according to Reddit user ‘Mang0eLeaks.

The dataminer wasn’t able to pinpoint just how this animation comes into play, however. “I can’t tell if this is for Killjoy or his ‘Detained’ subjects,” they explained. Though it is confirmed to be “involved with his [Ultimate].”

Over seven minutes of audio files were also outed from the new leaks, ranging from abilities sounds, to damage cues, and more. Early into the compilation, robotic noises can be heard, perhaps even shooting a projectile. This could fall in line with the leaked Drone ability, or be something entirely new that has yet to surface.

At the 2:27 mark, what is almost certainly Killjoy’s turret can be heard for the first time. As expected, it sounds like a fast-firing chain gun, though there’s still no telling just how it might function. It could be an automatic ability that guns down enemies, or it could be a player-controller turret that has to be manned at all times.

Valorant Episode structure
Two more Agents are on the way to Valorant as the first Episode progresses.

A majority of the audio throughout the compilation featured tech-heavy sounds. Perhaps indicating that most of Killjoy’s kit will be focused on unique creations in line with the turret and the drone.

While no date is set in stone for this Agent, it seems certain that Killjoy will be the next Agent in Valorant. Act I comes to a close on August 2 and the second Act is expected just days later. Therefore, players likely won’t have to wait much longer to see how this character fits into the ever-growing roster.

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