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Riot Games add new Valorant overtime format that includes draws

Published: 7/Jul/2020 22:47 Updated: 7/Jul/2020 22:55

by Alan Bernal


Riot Games are implementing a new Endgame format in Valorant’s Competitive playlists that features a win-by-two rule while also giving room for ranked matches to end in a draw.

The devs made an amendment to the 1.03 update patch notes on July 7 to include the revamped take to Ranked. A few hours after posting their original rundown for the new patch, Product Manager Jared ‘darkhorse’ Berbach teased that Riot would change “the way that Overtime/Endgame works in Ranked.”

The company delivered with more information about the format which would finally let both teams switch sides if the match needed extra rounds to decide a winner.

“Competitive matches have a new win-by-two overtime format with automated votes on whether the game should continue or end in a draw,” Riot said in the updated patch notes.

Riot Games
Overtime matches in Valorant won’t be ending in 13-12 anymore.

In this structure, “teams will alternate playing rounds on attack and defense until a team claims victory by being up by 2 rounds.” Every round will reset teams to a healthy 5000 credits and four points shy of their Agents’ ultimate abilities.

If the tie-breaker wasn’t sufficient enough to name a winner, the lobby will vote to either end in a draw or tack on two more rounds.

This is where the voting system will evolve along with the current match: the first time this vote appears, at least six votes in the 10-player lobby are needed to end the match in a draw. On the second vote, only three players will be needed to end the game in a tie. Finally, on the third vote and so on, only one player is needed to call the match a stalemate.

Riot Games
Valorant will now have a win-by-two overtime format to decide a winner.

A game of Valorant is estimated to take about 30-50 minutes to complete. As such, Riot will also be adding a safety net in case some players aren’t able to commit to consecutive attempts to break a tie or if the lobby just wants to call it.

“Players might gain rank off a draw but will never lose rank,” they said.

It’s unclear if Riot will also implement this to other modes like Unrated or LTMs in the future, but this is a direct response to community feedback on Valorant’s best-of-one overtime format that’s been live since the beta.


Valorant pros ShahZam and WARDELL spark feud over “rats” comment

Published: 29/Oct/2020 13:45

by Lauren Bergin


Former CS:GO players turned Valorant pros Sentinels ShahZam and TSM WARDELL have had a fiery exchange over Twitter. 

Even at the highest level of esports, trash talk remains common between the big name players, contributing to in-game rivalries that spice up any match.

There’s some age old rivalries between esports organizations like G2 Esports and Fnatic, never mind within the player base itself. Although sometimes these rivalries stay lighthearted, they can ignite and start a real feud.

This is exactly what appears to have happened between former CS:GO pros turned Valorant stars Shahzeb ‘ShahZam’ Khan of Sentinels and Matt ‘WARDELL’ Yu of TSM.

The TSM player gave the video a fiery reaction.

WARDELL responds to ShahZam video

The fiery exchange began when the Sentinels posted a short clip of ShahZam talking about his feelings towards TSM. With ShahZam stating that be believes Sentinels have more consistency than TSM, admitting that he does “like to seem them lose,” the video received a knee-jerk response from the TSM player.

WARDELL hit back with a slamming criticism of the video, writing “who knew rats can talk? LMAO.” ShahZam quickly followed up with a defence of his team, stating that the video was old and asking WARDELL “why are you so mad?”

This, however, just ignited the fire more. WARDELL promptly responded to ShahZam by making fun of the player’s hair, stating that ‘it’s not silver, it’s platinum’ to which ShahZam playfully accused the TSM player as ‘having a crush’ on him.

Banter gone wrong?

A lot of fans chalked the exchange up as trash talk and banter, but others were unsure considering the genuine surprise that ShahZam appeared to show in his first tweet.

Either way, the feud has sparked a more intense rivalry between the already battling teams; a rivalry that may be settled on the battlefield of the NA First Strike tournament. It would be great to see Sentinels and TSM face off once more and settle their long established rivalry, so fingers crossed we finally get that rematch.