Valorant leak gives players first look at Bombshell’s turret ability

Andrew Amos

A new Valorant leak dating back to the closed beta has given players a first look at unreleased Agent Bombshell’s turret ability.

While gunplay is important in Valorant, abilities make the game special. From creating dynamic terrain, to boosting your firepower, abilities are there to augment your gunplay ⁠— unless you’re Raze and you kill people with them instead.

Raze might not be the only one in that department anymore though. While players have known about Bombshell, and his deployable turret, since the closed beta, only recently have players been given a first look at how it could work, and it could completely change the game.

The Vertraulich card in Valorant’s Ignition battle pass is a teaser for unreleased Agent Bombshell.

Data miner ‘floxay’ shared footage of the turret animation on Twitter. The turret gets dropped on the ground, before popping up in segments. It takes about two seconds to deploy completely, so it probably has to be set in place before you can use it.

On top of that, the animation floxay shared will be in a first-person perspective in-game. Players won’t jump out to a third-person view to deploy the turret, which would pose its own set of problems.

However, floxay couldn’t determine whether the turret would be controlled by the player ⁠— similar to Tachanka’s in Rainbow Six ⁠— or would be automated ⁠— like Torbjorn’s in Overwatch. Either way, it’s a game changer.

The turret file appeared briefly between beta releases of Valorant, however it was removed on Patch 0.49. This was around the time players started hearing about Bombshell’s voicelines, and other rumors too.

It’s only a skeleton, but players can expect something akin to this once Bombshell actually joins the Valorant roster.

The turret isn’t going to be Bombshell’s only ability ⁠— after all, every Valorant Agent has four of them. Players have also been given a first look at a “Nano Storm Bot,” although what this ability does remains unclear.

Valorant was meant to be released with 12 Agents, but Riot pulled the plug on one of them before launch ⁠— presumably Bombshell.

However, with more leaks popping up, it might only be a matter of weeks, or even days, before we see them added.

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