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Valorant leak reveals unreleased agent “Bombshell”

Published: 30/Apr/2020 11:26

by Jacob Hale


A new Valorant leak has revealed an unreleased and possibly scrapped Agent called ‘Bombshell’, with voice lines directly addressing the character suggesting an interesting backstory and utility, too.

Valorant is still in its beta phase, but it has quickly become one of the biggest games in the world, as Riot Games look to capitalize on their name by spreading into new genres and markets.

While players have been discussing the best Valorant Agents, the most overpowered abilities and who needs a fix, this leak could show one character that we’re missing out on.

Riot Games
Valorant will likely have many potential Agents in their backlogs.

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As first showcased by PlayerIGN in a video posted on April 29, it looks like there’s an unreleased Agent called Bombshell, and it sounds like he could have changed up the meta slightly.


The leak comes in the form of voice lines from various characters in the game directly addressing “Bombshell,” who PlayerIGN believes to be an engineer character he spoke about in a previous leak.

Two voice lines come from Breach, suggesting that there is a close relationship between the two that might have been somewhat nefarious in nature, while an unheard Sage voice line says “Ignite this place, Bombshell,” hinting at an explosive and fiery Agent.

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It’s unclear why the Agent is not currently in the game – it could hint at the future release of Bombshell throughout the game’s lifecycle, but some fans believe it was likely scrapped due to some hints given from the lines.


One unreleased Cypher voice line addresses a “little engineer,” while Jett says she takes back what she said about his height, so some fans are theorizing that Bombshell was considerably shorter than other characters, thus making him slightly unfair due to having a smaller hitbox than others.

PlayerIGN believes that a codename he has found, Killjoy, may belong to Bombshell, alongside some abilities that it appears would be Bombshell’s should he arrive in the game.

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The abilities include a deployable turret and “equipping lasers,” though it’s not clear what exactly that would entail. It’s also said that he would likely have an energy or electric hammer of some kind.


Whether or not Bombshell ends up in Valorant remains to be seen, and we’ll just have to wait and see whether Riot Games decide to put him in, rework him entirely or get rid of him altogether.