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Riot Games confirm new Valorant modes and Agent to be added in Act II

Published: 29/Jun/2020 19:54 Updated: 29/Jun/2020 20:25

by Bill Cooney


Valorant players are currently in the thick of the first battle pass and Act 1, but now Riot has filled us in on what we can expect to see coming next, including a new Agent and additional game modes.

Since release, executive producer Anna Donlon has become sort of the IRL face of Valorant, and in a video update posted June 29 she gave us a ton of info on what’s coming next to the team-based shooter.


Riot Games
Reyna was the new Agent for Act I and the first one to be brought out post-beta.

Valorant’s next big content drop will come at the beginning of Act II. There are three Acts lasting two months each in each episode, which last for six months altogether.

We’ll see six Acts a year, which means six new characters for every trip we take around the sun, since a new one will be arriving with each Act, according to Donlon.

Riot Games
We also got a preview of the next agent, or at least a silhouette of them.

“We’re targeting about six agents a year,” Donlon explained. “We really need to follow your [the players] cue here, how many agents are too many? How many are too few? But right now six is the sweet spot, so six is what we’re targeting.”


The shot in the video is also the first look at all we’ve seen of the new agent, who, at first glance, seems to have the same hairstyle and jacket as Crypto from Apex Legends. Other than that though, it’s hard to tell

As for when Act I will end, we’ve already heard from other Riot devs that it will wrap up on August 2, with Act II beginning shortly after, possibly just a few days.

Donlon revealed that Riot devs are actually “accelerating development” on new additional game modes for players, but didn’t say exactly when we could see a new one.


“We’re not really sure yet exactly when we’re going to release modes, whether at the Act or Episode level,” she said. “But what I can say is you’re likely to see a new one before the beginning of Episode II.

Valorant Executive Producer goes over a ton of other info and details in the video above that we didn’t have room to include here, so if you’re at all interested in what’s coming next for the game, we definitely suggest you take a few minutes to watch the whole thing and follow us on Twitter @ValorantUpdates for the latest news as it happens.