Riot working on Killjoy nerf, according to Valorant leak

killjoy valorant artRiot Games

Riot Games is working on another Killjoy nerf, according to a Valorant leaks Twitter account.

Killjoy continues to be one of the strongest Agents at both the professional and casual levels. At the recent VCT LOCK//IN tournament, the Sentinel Agent had the highest pick rate at 70%, with Split (14%) and Fracture (55%) being the only maps where her pick rate was lower than 75%.

In matchmaking, Killjoy currently has the second-highest win rate at 50.5%, only surpassed by Brimstone’s 50.6%.

Presumably because of these numbers, Riot Games is working on another nerf to Killjoy for an upcoming patch, according to the ValorLeaks Twitter account. No details about what will be changed or when the nerf will come into effect have been given.

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Killjoy set for a nerf as Agent continues to excel

Killjoy was previously nerfed in patch 6.03 back in February. The Agent’s Turret had its health reduced from 125 to 100 and its ultimate ability’s point cost increased by one. In the patch notes, Riot said it made these changes due to Killjoy becoming the “premier Sentinel Agent in the game” after it had nerfed Chamber extensively.

Those changes were seemingly not enough as Riot will hit her with more nerfs in the future.

The Valorant community had a mix of reactions to the news. Some think the Agent doesn’t deserve another round of nerfs, while others have called for an overhaul of the Sentinel class in general.

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The Agent class is the most sparse designation in the game at the moment, with only four Agents classified as Sentinel. Other Agent classes, like Duelist, Initiator and Controller, all have five or six characters players can choose from.