New Valorant Agent leaked with in-game screenshot

Declan Mclaughlin
new Valorant AgentRiot Games

The yet-to-be-released Valorant Agent Iso has been leaked with an in-game screenshot on social media.

Riot Games will release a new Valorant Agent at some point before the year concludes as the developer is already rolling out early access content for influencers. Since the new character’s release date is drawing nearer, leakers are getting more information about the Agent.

So far, fans have been told by Riot that he is a Duelist and the developer has released in-game easter eggs of purple energy cells on some maps that supposedly line up with his abilities. In teasers released by the developer on social media, fans have been able to deduce that he is from either China or Singapore and could have some kind of Chamber-like gun ability.

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In the latest leak around the Valorant Agent, fans have received a glimpse of his name and what he looks like on the character selection screen.

New Valorant Agent look gets leaked on social media

In a post from Valorant Leaks & News, fans can now see what the new Agent looks like and can confirm his name: Iso.

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The purple energy and pattern match with what players have spotted in-game and the name is the same as other leakers have reported previously. The character also seems to be holding a knife, which runs a little counter to current theories about his abilities.

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Not much is known yet about the new Agent, however, fans should expect to get their hands on him sometime soon. While his release date has not been confirmed, following the release cycle of Agents from last year, Iso should hit live servers with Episode 7 Act 4 which should start with a new patch on October 31.

Iso will be the seventh Duelist added to Valorant. The character will also mark the newest in the lineup since the release of Neon back in early 2022.

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