Zelda & Luigi movies rumored to be in the works at Nintendo

Cameron Frew
Luigi and Zelda

After the success of The Super Mario Bros Movie, Nintendo is rumored to be working with Illumination on big-screen Zelda and Luigi projects.

We wouldn’t say the odds were stacked against Mario, but its prospects weren’t exactly clear-cut: it came 20 years after the infamous live-action movie in the ’90s, and while equipped with a starry voice ensemble, Chris Pratt’s casting as the titular plumber attracted some criticism.

Well, anyone who doubted it must feel pretty stupid right now. Despite mixed reviews, The Super Mario Bros Movie is still the highest-grossing movie of the year, and its nearest competition (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3) is $500 million away.

That level of success doesn’t go unnoticed, especially when Nintendo has such a dazzling, nostalgic back catalog of gaming IP waiting to be given the movie treatment. Well, it seems the wheels are already turning, and Illumination may prove to be the link between worlds.

Nintendo rumored to be developing Zelda and Luigi movies

The latest rumors come from Zippo, a scooper with a decent track record when it comes to Nintendo. According to them, the first movie in The Legend of Zelda franchise is in the works, as well as a spinoff focused on Charlie Day’s Luigi.

“In addition to the very obvious Mario sequel and the Donkey Kong film, which you heard first from me a long time ago, I can independently confirm from my own sources that a Zelda movie and Luigi-focused spinoff are all in production at Illumination,” they wrote.

“From what I’m hearing, Zelda will be an amalgamation of very different Zelda games, rather than a straight adaption of like, say… Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, etc.”

Link will also speak, according to Zippo. However, there’s a massive roadblock in their development: the writers’ and actors’ strikes currently gripping Hollywood, with performers and creatives rallying against studios for fairer pay and compensation in the streaming and AI era.

Earlier this year, Illumination’s CEO shut down rumors of a Zelda movie – but he could be bluffing, and the wind just may be blowing.

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