How old is Princess Peach?

Cameron Frew
Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo’s iconic damsel in distress Princess Peach has a huge role in The Super Mario Bros movie – but how old is she? Here’s what we know.

The Super Mario Bros Movie, produced by Nintendo and Illumination, stars Chris Pratt as Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black as Bowser, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach.

In our review, we wrote: “The character of Princess Peach, meanwhile, pockets a more progressive role than in the games. It’s admirable, and it also works well. She’s switched from the damsel in distress to a resourceful woman of the people.”

In the film, Mario is sucked into an underground green pipe and transported to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he teams up with the Princess to face off against Bowser and find his brother. With the movie hitting cinemas this week, some fans may be curious and wondering: how old is Princess Peach?

How old is Princess Peach?

Princess Peach is believed to be in her early-mid 20s in The Super Mario Bros Movie.

She has appeared in more than 60 titles across the Mario franchise, having first been introduced in 1985’s Super Mario Bros – but her specific age remains a bit of a mystery. One wiki would have you believe she’s 37 years old, but that’s only if you count the release date of the original game as her birthday.

Princess Peach, Mario, and Toad in the new Super Mario Bros movie

When she first debuted, it’s commonly held that she was 15/16 years old. Beyond that, it’s never been defined – mainly because it isn’t important. Mario is the hero and Princess Peach needs saving – what else is there to know?

Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto has only spoken about his age once. As per The Independent, he said: “Aside from the fact that he’s about 24-25 years old, we didn’t define anything else.”

Things get even more complicated when you dig into the Nintendo library; for example, in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, we see Baby Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser together. This would suggest they’re all around the same age, give or take a couple of years, rather than decades apart.

Let’s avoid that headache and go for the sensible estimate: in the movie, she’s in her 20s (Anya Taylor-Joy is 26). Don’t think about it too much.

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