Chris Pratt says “get ready for a lot of” Super Mario Bros movie sequels

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
Super Mario Bros box office

The Super Mario Bros movie is set to spawn “a lot” of sequels, according to star Chris Pratt.

Video game movie and TV content has never been more popular thanks to the success of the likes of the Sonic films as well as the new hit HBO series The Last of Us

And with the Super Mario Bros movie set to release in theatres in the coming months, many are now wondering if this project will spawn a greater Mario film franchise.

Well, those questions have been answered, at least partially, by the star of the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie himself, Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt wants “a lot” more Mario movies

The Super Mario Bros movie is set to depict the classic tale of Mario and co. teaming up with Princess Peach to fight Bowser. But considering how many Mario games there are, it seems like there’s plenty potential for new games.

Chris Pratt thinks so too. In fact he wants the franchise to result in “a lot” more movies. “When you see this movie, it’s really a treat because it has that reach, and you have that sentiment,” Pratt told IGN.

“You have these Easter Eggs, and you have all of this feeling that you almost don’t even realize, going into the movie, how much you care about these characters until you hear the voice. And you see the outfits, and you hear the music, and you hear the score. And it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh.'”

“It mines this vein of sentiment from our childhood and meaning from our childhood. So get ready for a lot of these movies. And, thankfully, the movie really works.”

In fact, Pratt is already teasing another movie, which would be centred on the 2001 GameCube game Luigi’s Mansion. In a recent interview with CBR, Pratt said that there’s “been talk” of said movie, as well as hinting that the upcoming film’s post-credit scene would suggest what’s next for the franchise.

Chris Pratt loves Mario “just like everybody else”

The upcoming film won’t just tell the story of Mario, but what Mario means to millions of gamers. This includes Pratt, who spoke about his personal relationship with the character.

“Mario is a tile and a mosaic of [many people’s] childhood,” he said. “It’s the soundtrack to their life as young kids, so they do care deeply about it. And all of that sentiment is what makes the experience of seeing this movie so great. I mean, I am that guy. I was nine years old when I first played Mario. I played the arcade version. I played the Nintendo Entertainment System. I played every iteration of this game from the time that I was a child all the way until recently. I love Mario just like everybody else.”

Super Mario Bros will premiere in cinemas on April 5, 2023. Find out more about the movie here.