The Super Mario Bros Movie voice cast: All characters and actors

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With The Super Mario Bros Movie turning into a genuine box office phenomenon, here’s a guide to the film’s character’s and voice cast.

Mario is iconic, the early word on The Super Mario Bros movie was good, and reviews were largely positive. But few could have predicted the juggernaut that the animated film has become.

The Super Mario Bros Movie has already grossed well over $1 billion worldwide – already making it one of the most successful movies of all-time – and its still going strong at the global box office.

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If you haven’t caught up with the movie yet – or simply what to know which superstars are voicing the video game icons – we’ve got all the information below, via characters, and the comedy stars who play them.


Super Mario Bros movie voice cast and characters

The official synopsis for the movie reads: “While working underground to fix a water main, Brooklyn plumbers Mario and brother Luigi are transported down a mysterious pipe and wander into a magical new world. But when the brothers are separated, Mario embarks on an epic quest to find Luigi.

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“With the assistance of a Mushroom Kingdom resident Toad and some training from the strong-willed ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, Mario taps into his own power.”

Below you’ll find a full rundown of the voice cast and characters of The Super Mario Bros Movie.

Chris Pratt: Super Mario

Chris Pratt MarioMarvel Studios/Universal Pictures

Chris Pratt voices the titular role of Mario, the Brooklyn plumber who becomes the unlikely hero of Mushroom Kingdom after falling through a mysterious pipe and into the magical new world. 

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When news first broke that the Guardians of the Galaxy star would be joining The Super Mario Bros Movie cast, a number of fans criticized the decision, arguing that he didn’t sound Italian. But Pratt has since addressed the backlash, telling Variety that while he was “surprised” by it, he hopes that “people will come into the movie with an open mind and that once they see the film, any criticism around Mario’s accent will disappear.”

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He’s also hoping for sequels and spinoffs down the line, which would make sense given how much content there is to work with. 

Alongside his work within the MCU, Pratt is known for his big franchise roles, having portrayed Owen Grady in Jurassic World and its sequels Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic World: Dominion.

Charlie Day: Luigi

Charlie Day Luigi The Super Mario Bros. MovieFX/Universal Pictures

It wouldn’t be Mario without his brother Luigi, with actor Charlie Day taking on the significant role.

Though the character is a childhood favorite of Day’s, getting the voice up to scratch was no mean feat. In the same interview, the actor joked: “They kept giving me one note: ‘This is Super Mario, not Goodfellas.’ But it’s always a process. And when you do these kinds of voice roles, you need to approach them with a childlike sense of ‘Let’s try anything.’”

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Many of you will already know Day as Charlie Kelly on the FX comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Anya Taylor-Joy: Princess Peach

Anya Taylor Joy Princess Peach The Super Mario Bros. MovieNetflix/Universal Pictures

Princess Peach – she’s sassy, she’s strong and she’s voiced by the Hollywood heavyweight Anya Taylor-Joy.

Though the character is still donning her pink dress and blonde locks, the 2023 iteration has been given an update, something Joy was adamant about before agreeing to join the cast. In a conversation with Slash Film, the actress explained that she was “honored” but wanted to make sure Princess Peach was “a modern ruler.” Taylor-Joy added: “She’s really a leader in this. I felt like we could create a more three-dimensional character that had her own agency.”

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Taylor-Joy, of course, is no stranger to the acting world, having starred in a diverse range of movies and TV shows, from Split and The Witch to The Queen’s Gambit and Peaky Blinders.

Jack Black: Bowser

Jack Black as BowserParamount Pictures/Universal Pictures

Jack Black, quite possibly one of the most animated humans on the circuit, is taking on the lead villain of the movie, Bowser.

If you’re wondering whether he brings any of his musical talents to the role, during the reveal event at New York Comic Con in October 2022, Black said that he “did a little bit of rocking” while recording as the King Koopa.

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When he’s not rocking out, Black brings his unique style of humor to movies such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Kung Fu Panda – or sometimes he combines the two a la School of Rock.

Keegan-Michael Key: Toad

Keegan-Michael Key Toad The Super Mario Bros. MovieNBC/Universal Pictures

While we’re on the topic of music, Keegan-Michael Key shows off his “singing chops” as the voice for the anthropomorphic mushroom Toad in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Speaking to Variety, the actor, comedian and Broadway star said he was allowed to “improvise a song in Super Mario Bros.,” which he described as “an absolute blast.”

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Between 2012 and 2015, Key co-created and co-starred alongside Jordan Peele in Comedy Central’s sketch series Key & Peele, going on to star in a number of TV shows including Fargo and Parks and Recreation. In 2017, Key made his Broadway debut in the play Meteor Shower.

Seth Rogen: Donkey Kong

Seth Rogen Donkey KongUniversal Pictures

It’s on like Donkey Kong, with Seth Rogen taking on the voice of the powerful yet laid-back ape who has undeniable potential for his own spinoff movie.

At Dexerto, we recently reported that Rogen is interested in working on future projects with the character. “There’s a lot of opportunity there,” he said. “I think the family unit of the Kongs seems to be – and if the Fast and Furious movies have taught us anything [it’s] that it’s all about family.”

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Considering how laid back Rogen is IRL, he barely had to change a thing when it came to voicing the iconic ape. Alongside his portrayal in the Nintendo spinoff, the actor is best known for his roles in comedy movies such as Superbad, Knocked Up and Pineapple Express.

Fred Armisen: Cranky Kong

Fred Armisen Cranky Kong The Super Mario Bros. MovieNBC/Universal Pictures

Donkey Kong’s grumbly grandfather Cranky Kong will also be making an appearance, with Fred Armisen voicing the character.

Though the wisecracking primate is known as being Donkey’s grandpops in the video game series, there’s been some confusion amongst the fans as a translated character description for the movie lists him as his father. Nonetheless, the character looks set to maintain the old grump energy he’s known for. 

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In addition to acting, Armisen is a frequent drummer for the Late Night with Seth Meyers house band, The 8G Band, and is also a Saturday Night Live alumnus.

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