Major Big Bang Theory plot could reappear in Young Sheldon sequel

Jasmine Valentine
Sheldon and Amy Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

Fans are already hyped for the untitled Young Sheldon sequel, with its cast hinting that one major Big Bang Theory plot could be addressed.

Even with the introduction of Young Sheldon in 2017, there’s little known about what happens to Georgie Cooper after he turns 19 — and there’s absolutely nothing about Mandy or daughter Cece in the main series.

However, fans have been speculating that information about Mandy might have been in the main series all along, with Sheldon stating that Georgie’s ex-wives congratulated him via text after winning the Nobel prize.

“I’m hoping that I’m the ex-wife and the new wife,” Emily Osment explained when she was asked about the storyline by TV Line. “People get divorced and then they get remarried. Why can’t she [Mandy] be both?”

Though it’s revealed that Georgie first gets married at 19-years-old back in Season 1 of Young Sheldon, adult Georgie appears to be single with a string of partners behind him by the time he’s seen in Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory. It’s never confirmed who these girlfriends and wives were, leaving the sequel storyline completely open to interpretation.

“We don’t have anything really for Mandy that was established during Big Bang, so we can kind of do what we want,” Osment added.

“There’s nothing that they really have to follow over then the tyre store,” Montana Jordan chimed in, picking up on adult Georgie’s place of work. “They can take that anywhere. There’s so many different things they can do for this new show — we put all our trust in them.”

As of Young Sheldon Season 7, Georgie and Mandy are set to get married in Episode 7, confirming their legitimacy as husband and wife.

Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on CBS until May 16, 2024. Make sure to catch up with plenty more great TV shows to stream this month.

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