Young Sheldon star reveals “emotional” final scene

Jasmine Valentine
Missy in Young Sheldon

Now filming its last few episodes, one Young Sheldon star has revealed an “emotional” final scene in Season 7.

The Cooper family is bowing out for good when Young Sheldon Season 7 draws to a close in May, with its last few episodes currently in the process of filming.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, actress Raegan Revord — who plays Sheldon’s sister Missy — has revealed a preview of the “emotional” final dinner scene that has just wrapped filming.

In the post, the Cooper family can be seen taking up their designated seats at the dining room table, holding hands to say grace in the way Mary sees fit.

Revord’s caption reads: “Last family dinner scene was an emotional one to film. We opened the show with a dinner scene where we were first introduced to the Cooper family and they quickly became a staple in the show.

“Those scenes were always my favorite to film because they brought us all together and, like a real family, we got to sit around the table and eat and catch up with each other. It felt like being home with the people I love.”

There are also plenty of smaller details that signify just how far the family has come in the post, such as Sheldon no longer using gloves at the family dinner table — though he chooses to hold George’s wrists rather than his hands.

Revord has already revealed that she won’t be taking part in the confirmed sequel starring Georgie and Mandy, confirming that she “wasn’t invited” to do so.

Young Sheldon Season 7’s finale will be an hour long, with two episodes airing each Thursday back-to-back, beginning with Episodes 6 and 7 this week.

Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on CBS until May 16, 2024. Make sure to catch up with plenty more great TV shows to stream this month.

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