Young Sheldon star “not invited” to join sequel

Jasmine Valentine
Raegan Revord as Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon

CBS has officially greenlit a Young Sheldon sequel – but one star has revealed that they were “not invited” to join the cast lineup.

As Sheldon’s door closes, Georgie and Mandy’s door opens up. Following the end of Young Sheldon with Season 7 – airing from now until May 16 – CBS has just confirmed that a sequel starring the older brother is set to go ahead.

While some fans aren’t too happy with the sitcom’s proposed multi-cam format, others are merely happy that the Sheldon-verse gets to live on beyond the prequel and The Big Bang Theory.

However, one member of the Cooper family has now revealed that they won’t be starring in the Young Sheldon sequel – because they were “not invited.”

Young Sheldon star “not invited” to join sequel

Young Sheldon star Raegan Revord – who appears as Missy Cooper in the prequel – has revealed she won’t be in the sequel because she wasn’t “invited.”

Instagram comments made by Raegan Revord about the Young Sheldon sequel.

The comments featured on an Instagram post made by Montana Jordan, who plays Sheldon’s older brother Georgie. The caption reads: “GET READY !!!! The Cooper family continues. Thank y’all for the support of Young Sheldon. I hope to deliver just what y’all are looking for in this new adventure!”

Revord was quick to congratulate him, commenting: “Couldn’t have happened to a better person! Wishing you all the best over there brother.” When asked by fans if she’d be appearing, she replied “Wasn’t invited. I’ll be cheering for Montana though!”

Not only does this rule Missy out of a cameo appearance in the Young Sheldon sequel, but it also means that other family members – particularly Sheldon – are unlikely to star either.

Fans picked up on the exchange within moments, with one weighing in on Reddit: “Not surprising. If they bring back the entire cast, it’s basically Young Sheldon 2.0. Also, if you look at what happened with another Chuck Lorre show, Bob Hearts Abishola, it’s obvious the path forward is to keep costs down by having as small a main cast as possible.”

“I’m sure she might guest star, at least once,” added another. “I mean we know Sheldon will be away in California and he won’t really talk to Georgie after that but Missy will still be in Texas, it’s weird how she won’t be in, but she should still have some cameos at least,” explained a third.

However, other fans are much rather hoping for different Young Sheldon cameos along the way.

“As long as Meemaw is in at least one scene, I’m alright with it. I also hope he urinates in the phone booth and tells a judge ”that’s what makes this country great” like Sheldon said he did a couple of seasons ago,” summed up a fourth.

Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on CBS until May 16, 2024 – read what we think might happen in the upcoming sequel here.