Will there be a Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 15?

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Iain Armitage as Young Sheldon

After last week’s emotional two-parter, can fans expect to watch Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 15 tonight?

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 13 got the most painful scenes out of the way, focusing primarily on George’s funeral and the Cooper family’s grief after his (un)timely death. It managed to squeeze in a few laughs, like Meemaw saying Lone Star would be flying the flag at half-mast, but it ultimately ended on as somber note, with Sheldon expressing regret over not appreciating his dad when he was alive.

Episode 14 (somewhat) tied things up as Sheldon got ready to leave for Caltech. He made a big sacrifice in the finale: despite it going against everything he stands for, he got baptized for his mom to make her feel better after the loss of his father.

The closing scene was a natural endpoint for the series, but if you’re still hoping to see Episode 15 on CBS tonight, here’s what you should know.

Is there a Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 15 tonight?

sheldon in the Young Sheldon finale

No, Young Sheldon Season 7 ended with Episode 14, so there’ll never be an Episode 15.

Unfortunately, it’s been known that Young Sheldon would end with its 14th episode for some time now — a point of contention on its own, considering all the other seasons have been more than 20 episodes long.

“In the Big Bang universe, Sheldon goes to Caltech at 14. Even if we ignored that, the show is called Young Sheldon, and that’s not true anymore,” creator Chuck Lorre told USA Today.

“We got to watch this guy grow up, and it was wonderful. It’s heartbreaking to end, even though it was the right story decision. It just felt like the right time. But it didn’t make it any less emotional.”

Episode 14 ended with Sheldon striding off into Caltech; while he’s still at least 10 years out from the events of The Big Bang Theory, this was always the final shot of the series.

“Our last moment was always going to be Sheldon at Caltech,” producer Steve Holland explained to Variety.

“And, as we were writing, it just made sense after the death and the grief of the funeral, to end on a little bit of hope that Sheldon is walking off into this new chapter of his life where we know good things happen to him.”

What’s next after Young Sheldon Season 7?

Georgie and Mandy from Young Sheldon

While Young Sheldon Season 8 isn’t on the cards, a sequel series is in the works: Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage.

As you’d expect, the spinoff will focus on Montana Jordan and Emily Osment’s newlyweds as they raise Cece and navigate the highs and lows of their relationship. It’ll also return to The Big Bang Theory’s multi-cam format with a live audience.

As for whether or not it’ll include other characters from Young Sheldon, it seems like a maybe for now. “Look, it’s always been our hope that this world can continue into the new show,” Holland said.

“It’s also important to us that this new show gets its own identity and attitude and isn’t just Young Sheldon Season 8. That’s part of the reason we’re going back to multi-cam to really make it feel different.

“The show needs to establish itself and be its own thing but, that said, this is a world that these characters still live in, and they’re still family and they’re still in Medford. We love these actors, and we’ve always thought that this is a world where these characters can drop in and make appearances and be a part of it from time to time.”

You can read our breakdown of Young Sheldon’s ending, why fans are convinced Montana Jordan named his baby after a co-star, and while you wait for Georgie and Mandy’s spinoff, find other binge-worthy TV shows to add to your watch list.

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