Will George be in the Young Sheldon Season 7 finale?

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George in Young Sheldon

There’s only a matter of days until it all ends, but will George make an appearance in the Young Sheldon Season 7 finale?

Have your tissues ready — the most beloved prequel of the decade is finishing for good with the Young Sheldon Season 7 finale.

Emotions have already been running high thanks to George’s death at the end of Season 7 Episode 12, opening a whole new set of questions for what will happen in the final two episodes.

Fans know that George’s funeral will make up a huge part of the remaining Season 7 schedule, but will he make an appearance in the finale? Warning: spoilers ahead!

Will George be in the Young Sheldon Season 7 finale?

There is no official comment on whether George will be in the Young Sheldon Season 7 finale, but fans are convinced that he will return as a ghost.

The official trailer for the Season 7 finale shows previews of George’s funeral, which is anticipated to make up the entirety of Episode 13. However, it also shows George in sepia-colored scenes, telling Sheldon goodbye when he asks George to wait.

Given that we haven’t seen these scenes yet, it makes sense that George could potentially appear in the form of flashbacks. However, fans are convinced that George could also return as a ghost, largely because of a behind-the-scenes look at an “emotional” final dinner scene.

“When they end with grown Sheldon they need to have George as a ghost tell him how proud he is of Sheldon, something meaningful,” one fan weighed in on Reddit. A second agreed, “I’d like to imagine that happened after the Nobel awarding. Sheldon was going back to his hotel room after he went out for fresh air, and in the hallway, he saw George’s spirit, Return of the Jedi style.”

With Episode 14 set to explore adult Sheldon writing his memoirs — with a cameo appearance from Jim Parsons — it’s possible that Sheldon could explain how George’s death affected the rest of his life, including sensing his spirit.

How did George die?

George died of a heart attack in Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 12, while at work coaching for Medford High School.

George in hospital in Young Sheldon

The Cooper family is due to get a family photo taken before they go their separate ways, instructed to meet back at home at 4pm by Mary. That morning, George heads out for work, offering Missy a ride to school which she declines. Mary reminds George of the meeting time, with George sighing that he remembers before heading out.

When 4pm comes, the entire family is waiting in the living room in white shirts and jeans — all except George. Mary tells Mandy that she has enough time to change Cece because they are waiting for him, with Mandy and Georgie both leaving the room. A knock at the door finds Coach Wayne and Principal Tom delivering the news that George has suffered a heart attack at work, dying instantly. Mary, Missy, and Meemaw break down into tears, with Sheldon sitting down in shock.

How to watch the Young Sheldon Season 7 finale

The Young Sheldon Season 7 finale — Episodes 13 and 14 — will air back-to-back on May 16, 2024 on CBS at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

The back-to-back episodes will also be available to stream on Paramount Plus from May 15.

Additionally, Season 7 episodes are also available to catch up with on the CBS app and website. Seasons 1-6 of Young Sheldon can be found on both Max and Netflix.

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