Who is Justin Harvey? Physical 100 contestant explained

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Justin Harvey in Physical 100 Season 2 press event.

Physical 100 Season 2 introduced a new cast of contestants, with a few non-Koreans among them — including Justin Harvey. Here’s everything we know about him.

The first season of Physical 100 had a few non-Korean contestants, like bodybuilder Miracle Nelson and model Florian Krapf. For the Physical 100 Season 2 cast, Netflix kept to a similar style for the contestant pool, adding more national athletes, celebrities, and non-Koreans Emmanuel and Justin Harvey.

Harvey entered the competition series hopeful of proving himself worthy of having the best physique —as well as reaching the finale to take home the Physical 100 Season 2 grand prize. As one of the few non-Koreans in the hit TV show, Harvey stands out among the crowd.

But who is he? What’s his background? And what landed him on Physical 100 Season 2? Let’s find out.

Who is Justin Harvey?

Justin Harvey is an actor currently working in South Korea and has appeared in three movies, as well as Physical 100 Season 2.

Physical 100 Season 2 didn’t give Harvey a full introduction, as he entered alongside Lee Hyun-jin who is also an actor. The other contestants were impressed by Harvey’s pristine look, with one even commenting, “He reminds me of Kingsman.”

Justin Harvey in The Witch: Part 2 as a mercenary.

The native South African made his acting debut in the Choi Woo-shik movie, The Witch: Part 2, according to his interview with The Korea Herald. He moved to South Korea when he was 24 years old in 2015, but Harvey originally didn’t pursue acting and went to law school as a safer choice.

A trip to Korea became an indefinite stay and started his path to becoming an actor. He auditioned for the role of Tom in The Witch: Part 2 and was given the role. After receiving the script, he was surprised at how big his character was in the storyline.

“My goal is to be the main lead in a Korean production as a foreigner, speaking in Korean, just like Tang Wei,” Harvey explained in the interview. He credits the Hallyu Wave and Squid Game for making people realize foreign work and actors in lead roles can be incredibly successful.

Unlike most, Harvey can speak Korean incredibly well and often prefers to speak in Korean during interactions. Fans may notice how easy it comes to him while interacting with the other contestants on Physical 100 Season 2.

He initially learned Korean at a language-learning school but didn’t stay long. Instead, he learned on his own and challenged himself by taking classes to learn something new in Korean.

Physical 100 Season 2 might be over, but for more on the series, take a look at our full breakdown of the winners and eliminations, the Season 1 full list of contestants, and find out who the Physical 100 narrator is.

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