Physical 100 Season 2 winners: All quest results

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Kim Jee-hyuk in Physical 100 Season 2 in Quest 4

Here’s a breakdown of all the winners and eliminations in Physical 100 Season 2 as all its episodes are now available, with a guide to all the quest results so far.

Physical 100 Season 2 has finally arrived on Netflix, with a new cast of contestants eager to prove themselves. This season, the contestant pool is fierce from UFC fighters, national athletes, martial artists, celebrities, and impressive bodybuilders.

Season 2’s quests have gotten off to a brutal start, with competitors already exiting the competition. Here’s a full breakdown of the quest winners so far. Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Physical 100 Season 2: Pre-quest results

Reserve soldier and firefighter Hong Beom-seok won the pre-quest mission. The pre-quest didn’t result in any actual eliminations, as it was used to develop a ranking among the contestants for the first official quest.

100 contestants mounted manual treadmills to see who had the better cardio. The pre-quest unfolded over three separate timed intervals to determine one winner and the top 50 contestants.

The first 10-minute round whittled the group down by 50% before the second seven-minute round allowed just 10 contestants to advance: UFC fighter Kim Dong-hyun, Ha Moo-kyoung, Park Woo-jin, Chong Te-se, Andre Jin, Kang Ki-jun, Amotti, Ku Sung-hoe, Kim Lee-jyuk, and Hong Beom-seok moved on to the final round.

With the final round consisting of five minutes, only one was crowned the winner: Hong Beom-seok, who won the pre-quest mission with a total of 5,472m.

Physical 100 Season 2: Quest 1 results

The first official quest of Physical 100 Season 2 resulted in multiple winners as pairs competed against each other to advance to the next round.

The second quest was a familiar favorite: the One-on-One Death Match. The top 50 contestants got their pick of who they wanted to challenge. They also got to pick one of three terrains to secure a medicine ball before time ran out.

Physical 100 Season 2 doesn’t showcase every winner as the 100 contestants were cut down to 50 after eliminations. Here’s a comprehensive guide.

  • Hong Beom-soek vs. Jang-jun
    • Winner: Hong Beom-seok
  • Sim Yu-ri vs. Hunter Lee
    • Winner: Sim Yu-ri
  • Jung Dae-jin vs. No Seung-hyuk
    • Winner: Jung Dae-jin
  • Power Who Yami vs. Jang Yoon-sung
    • Winner: Yami
  • Kim Hyeong-kyu vs. GPT
    • Winner: Kim Hyeong-kyu
  • Kim Yeong-chan vs. Kang Ki-jun
    • Winner: Kim Yeong-chan
  • Jang Jun-hyuk vs. Kang Seung-min
    • Winner: Jang Jun-hyuk
  • Amotti vs. Lee Kyu-ho
    • Winner: Amotti
  • Chong Te-se vs. Ju Sung-min
    • Winner: Chong Te-se
  • Kim Do-hyeon vs. Kim Min-ho
    • Winner: Kim Do-hyeon
  • Kim Dong-hyun vs. Emmanuel
    • Winner: Kim Dong-hyun
  • Kim Min-su vs. Hwang Chan-seob
    • Winner: Kim Min-su
  • Chang Yong-heung vs. Kim Hee-hyun
    • Winner: Chang Yong-heung
  • Moo Tae-bum vs. Joo Min-kyung
    • Winner: Joo Min-kyung
  • Justin Harvey vs. Jeon Jong-hyuk
    • Winner: Justin Harvey
  • Kang Cheong-myeong vs. Yoon Han-jin
    • Winner: Kang Cheong-myeong
  • Seo Young-woo vs. Lee Hyun-jin
    • Winner: Seo Young-woo
  • Kim Da-bi vs. Kim Hye-bin
    • Winner: Kim Da-bi
  • Lee Won-hee vs. Park Hee-jun
    • Winner: Lee Won-hee
  • Kang Young-seo vs. Park Seung-hee
    • Winner: Kang Young-seo
  • Park Da-sol vs. Heo Kyung-hee
    • Winner: Park Da-sol
  • Amber Yang vs. Jung You-in
    • Winner: Jung You-in
  • Shin Soo-ji vs. Park Ha-yan
    • Winner: Park Ha-yan
  • Park Yeon-su vs. Lim Soo-jin
    • Winner: Lim Soo-jin
  • Go Min-jung vs. Choi Soo-in
    • Winner: Go Min-jung
  • Lee Jae-yoon vs. Kim Nam-wook
    • Winner: Lee Jae-yoon

Physical 100 Season 2: Quest 2 results

The third quest was the first team challenge, with two teams competing against each other to see who gets to stay and who leaves the series. So far, Kim Dong-Hyun’s team and Lee Won-hee’s are the first winners. 

With Quest 2 involving teams, multiple Physical 100 contestants came out as winners and moved on to the next round. Here’s a breakdown of the current winners:

  • Lee Won-hee’s team vs. Hwang Choong-won’s team
    • Winners: Lee Won-hee, Pak Da-sol, Ham Young-jin, Lim Soo-jin, and Kim Yeong-chan
  • Kim Dong-hyun’s team vs. Amotti’s team
    • Winners: Kim Dong-hyun, Jung Dae-jin, Ko Jong-hun, Lee Ho-yeon, and Wi Sung-oh
  • Hong Beom-seok’s team vs. Lee Jang-kun’s team
    • Winners: Hong Beom-seok, Gibson, Kang Cheong-myeong, Seol Young-ho, and Park Ha-yan
  • Lee Jae-yoon’s team vs. Jung Ji-hyun’s team
    • Winners: Lee Jae-yoon, Jo Sung-bin, Lee Hyun-jeong, Justin Harvey, Joo Min-kyung
  • Andre Jin’s team vs. Kim Min-su’s team
    • Winners: Andre Jin, Chan Yong-heung, Park Woo-jin, Power Who Yami, Jung You-in

Physical 100 Season 2 became cutthroat as the remaining contestants had to work together in the Five-on-Five Team match to avoid elimination. By the end of Quest 2, Lee’s team had won thanks to their strategy of securing two of the weighted scales leading to victory. It led to Hwang and his entire team being eliminated. 

The next match was between Kim’s team and Amotti’s team. Tensions ran high until the final second, but Kim’s team came out victorious with Amotti and his team being eliminated. The next match was between Lee’s team against Hong’s team. The winner of Quest 2 was Hong’s team as they were able to secure more of the weighted scales than Lee’s team. 

Jung’s team lost to Lee’s team in an upsetting match with Jung admitting he could have done things differently. Both teams wasted time trying to thwart the others from adding weight to their scales. Jin versus Kim was a short-lived match with both sides fighting dirty to try and secure a win.

Physical 100 Season 2: Quest 2.5 results

Like the first season, Physical 100 Season 2 gave the eliminated contestants a redemption quest to rejoin the competition. This time, the stakes are high as a series of pillars line an octagon-style ring. The rules are simple and resemble musical chairs.

Within three minutes a contestant must try and secure one of the pillars against all others. Those who do not secure a pillar when the time is up are officially eliminated. Another round and fewer pillars for the remaining contestants. The quest continues until only one winner, but that winner can pick their team to return to the competition.

  • Round 1 Winners: Kim Min-su, Jung Ji-hyun, Kim Amugae, Lee Jun-ha, Ha Moo-kyoung, Jang Jun-hyuk, Kim Jee-hyuk, Amotti, Lee Jang-kun, and Kim Hyeong-kyu
  • Round 2 Winners: Kim Min-su, Jung Ji-hyun, Kim Jee-hyuk, Jang Jun-hyuk, Lee Jang-kun
  • Round 3 Winners: Jang Jun-hyuk and Jung Ji-hyun
  • Winner: Jung Ji-hyun
    • Chosen team: Amotti, Lee Jang-kun, Kim Jee-hyuk, Kim Min-su

Per the quest, Jung was able to bring back four eliminated contestants as a team for the next challenge. Everyone agreed that his newly formed team was one to beat having a national rower, bodybuilder, wrestlers, and crossfitters.

Physical 100 Season 2: Quest 3 results

With 30 contestants remaining, the quests must continue to get closer to the finale. Quest 3 was announced at a team delegate match. Two groups of three teams compete against each other with the lower from each being eliminated based on points. 

The quest? A mine-inspired challenge of strength and cardio with a total of four rounds. Each round determines where the teams land in first, second, or third place.

Group 1:

  • Round 1 Winners: Jung Ji-hyun, Amotti, Lee Jang-kun, Kim Jee-hyuk, Kim Min-su
  • Round 2 Winners: Jung Ji-hyun, Amotti, Lee Jang-kun, Kim Jee-hyuk, Kim Min-su
    • Andre Jin and Lee Won-hee’s team are tied for second place. 
  • Round 3 Winners: Jung Ji-hyun, Amotti, Lee Jang-kun, Kim Jee-hyuk, Kim Min-su
    • Andre Jin’s team secured second place, with Lee’s in third
  • Round 4 Winners: Jung Ji-hyun’s team and Andre Jin’s team. 
    • Lee’s team came in third with the less points leading to the elimination

Group 2:

  • Round 1 Winners: Lee Jae-yoon, Jo Sung-bin, Lee Hyun-jeong, Justin Harvey, Joo Min-kyung
    • Kim Dong-hyun’s team gets second with Hong Beom-seok’s in third.
  • Round 2 Winners: Lee Jae-yoon, Jo Sung-bin, Lee Hyun-jeong, Justin Harvey, Joo Min-kyung
    • Rankings remain the same
  • Round 3 Winners: Lee Jae-yoon, Jo Sung-bin, Lee Hyun-jeong, Justin Harvey, Joo Min-kyung
    • Rankings remain the same
  • Round 4 Winners: Lee Jae-yoon, Jo Sung-bin, Lee Hyun-jeong, Justin Harvey, Joo Min-kyung
    • Kim Dong-hyun’s team placed last leading to their elimination, with Hong Beom-seok’s team winning second place
  • Finale Winning Teams: Andre Jin’s team, Jung Ji-hyun’s team, Lee Jae-yoon’s team, and Hong Beom-seok’s team.

During Round 4, the one-on-one relay match was well underway and would determine what team would be eliminated. Heong represented his team, with Jo Sung-bin representing his team, and Ko Jong-hun for Kim’s. 

While everyone thought Heong was too tired to win, he pulled a plot twist revealing he was toying with them and finished first. Ko was in the lead until falling from the bars, giving Jo an advantage. But Jo also falls, allowing Ko to try and regain his position to win second place. Jo is able to get back onto the bars and get to the end faster than Ko, securing his team winning second place.

Physical 100 Season 2: Quest 4 results

Quest 4 of the competition series was announced as an inter-team challenge meaning the contestants of each team with go against each other. The camaraderie and teamwork is over. But Andre Jin’s team announced Chang Yong-heung had withdrawn from the competition to prepare for the Asian Games.

The quest involved each contestant lugging a heavy roller across a field. Once getting one roller across and running back, they must do it again, until reaching the finish line. One contestant was eliminated in each round until only one remained.

Group 1: Hong Beom-seok’s team

  • Round 1 Winners: Hong Beom-seok, Gibson, Kang Cheong-myeong, Seol Young-ho
    • Eliminated: Park Ha-yan
  • Round 2 Winners: Hong Beom-seok, Gibson, Kang Cheong-myeong
    • Eliminated: Seol Young-ho
  • Round 3 Winners: Hong Beom-seok and Gibson
    • Eliminated: Kang Cheong-myeong
  • Round 4 Winner: Hong Beom-seok
    • Eliminated: Gibson

Group 2: Lee Jae-yoon’s team

  • Round 1 Winners: Lee Jae-yoon, Jo Sung-bin, Justin Harvey, Joo Min-kyung
    • Eliminated: Lee Hyun-jeong
  • Round 2 Winners: Lee Jae-yoon, Justin Harvey, Joo Min-kyung
    • Eliminated: Jo Sung-bin
  • Round 3 Winners: Justin Harvey and Joo Min-kyung
    • Eliminated: Lee Jae-yoon
  • Round 4 Winners: Justin Harvey
    • Eliminated: Joo Min-kyung

Group 3: Andre Jin’s team

  • Round 1 Winners: Andre Jin, Park Woo-jin, Power Who Yami
    • Eliminated: Jung You-in
  • Round 2 Winners: Andre Jin and Park Woo-jin
    • Eliminated: Power Who Yami
  • Round 3 Winners: Andre Jin
    • Eliminated: Park Woo-jin

Group 4: Jung Ji-hyun’s team

  • Round 1 Winners: Jung Ji-hyun, Amotti, Lee Jang-kun, Kim Jee-hyuk
    • Eliminated: Kim Min-su
  • Round 2 Winners: Jung Ji-hyun, Amotti, Kim Jee-hyuk
    • Eliminated: Lee Jang-kun
  • Round 3 Winners: Jung Ji-hyun, Amotti
    • Eliminated: Kim Jee-hyuk
  • Round 4 Winners: Amotti
    • Eliminated: Jung Ji-hyun

The fourth quest had everyone on edge as even some of the most capable were eliminated, like Kim Min-su. Contestants face endurance, strength, and a few leg cramps trying to win. But only four made it to the final quest, with them being Amotti, Andre Jin, Justin Harvey, and Hong Beom-seok.

Physical 100 Season 2: Quest 5 results

The final quest was divided into three rounds/challenges to further eliminate the remaining four contestants until getting to the final two. Round 1 entailed a familiar challenge where the contestants had to hold onto a rope for as long as possible holding their plaster bust that’s 40% of their body weight.

Round 2 was a squatting challenge. The remaining three had to perform 30 weighted squats, with each round adding more weight. Round 3 entailed a pole push with the final two pushing a pole against each other. The first person to knock over two pillars wins.

  • Round 1 Winners: Amotti, Andre Jin, Hong Beom-seok
    • Eliminated: Justin Harvey
  • Round 2 Winners: Amotti and Hong Beom-seok
    • Eliminated: Andre Jin
  • Round 3 Winners: Amotti
    • Eliminated: Hong Beom-seok

Physical 100 Season 2 has crowned its second winner with Amottit winning against Hong in the pole push challenge. While Hong was able to knock down the first pillar, Amotti secured a second and had a game plan to win. The second the bell rang, Amottit pushed with full force and knocked Hong off balance. Hong was unable to push enough to regain control and ultimately lost.

All episodes of Physical 100 Season 2 are now available on Netflix. If looking for more about the series:

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