Who is the Physical 100 narrator?

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Who is the Physical: 100 narrator? Netflix’s brutal reality series has just dropped new episodes – but who is the voice behind the quests?

In Squid Game, it was The Front Man. In Ninja Warrior, it started off with Takashi Matsuo. There’s always someone behind the pain, whether they’re a baddie or someone offering frantic, hilarious narration.

Physical: 100 is a twisted blend of those two shows, pitting 100 contestants in peak physical against each other in a series of gruelling “quests” to win a large cash prize.

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Before each challenge, a mysterious voice informs the contestants what the survival rate will be, and what to expect – but who is the narrator?

Who is the Physical 100 narrator?

Kaiji Von Tang is the narrator in Physical: 100.

He is best known for voice work in the likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Lookism, Tekken: Bloodline, and more.

In the first trailer, the narrator can be heard saying: “We have invited you to explore the most perfect physical body, regardless of age, gender, and race.”

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Ever since then, speculation was rife over the source of the voice. However, one user eventually reached out to Tang on Twitter, writing: “Senpai, I have a question. You wouldn’t happen to be the narrator in the trailer for Physical: 100 on Netflix, would you?”

He didn’t reply, nor did he like the tweet or acknowledge it in any way. Five days later, he confirmed he was the narrator in his own post.

“Yes I am the Narrator in Physical: 100,” he wrote. “I’m also the host/narrator for Run for the Money. Honestly if you’re watching a live-action dub I’m probably in it somewhere.”

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Run for the Money is a Japanese reality series that tasks celebrities with running away from the “hunters” – the longer they evade them, the more money they win. It’s also available to stream on Netflix.

Physical 100 Episodes 1-8 are available to stream on Netflix now. Have a look at our other content below:

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