Will there be a Physical 100 Season 3?

Gabriela Silva
Physical 100 Season 2 plaster busts of contestants.

Physical 100 Season 2 has crowned its new season winner adding to the first season, but it begs the question of whether Netflix will continue with a Season 3.

At the end of the first season, the ominous voice revealed that they weren’t done yet looking for the perfect physique. It explained that there are many different types of bodies, muscles, and athletes to challenge.

After Physical 100 Season 1 crowned Woo Jin-yong as its winner, Netflix soon announced a second season was underway. The competition series sets out to find the best physique regardless of age, gender, or profession.

Each season so far has included an array of national athletes, bodybuilders, everyday workers, celebrities, and more. With Physical 100 Season 2 having crowned a new winner, will there be a Season 3. Let’s find out.

Will there be a Physical 100 Season 3?

It’s unclear for now as Netflix has yet to make an official announcement.

Fans can likely expect a Season 3 renewal for one main reason. Just like the first season, the ominous voice announced after the Season 2 finale, “Various physiques exist in this world. And we gather here at Physical: 100 to find the most perfect physique. Our search for the perfect physique will continue.”

It teases that Physical 100 is here to stay for as long as Netflix wants. The purpose of the series is to see who is the best of the best. One season alone isn’t enough to determine who is the best. With the return of Hong Beom-seok from Season 1, it’s clear that previous contestants can rejoin the series. But fans are left wondering how long will the series last.

It’s speculated that Physical 100 will at some point have an All-Star season with the previous winners competing against each other. It would be the ultimate test and truly crown the best physique. But with only two seasons so far, Netflix will have to do a few more to have a well-rounded All-Star season.

This article will be updated with any news of a Season 3 renewal. Physical 100 Season 2 is now available on Netflix, and you can check out more content like:

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