Who won Physical 100 Season 1? Final quest winner

Cameron Frew
The contestants of Physical 100 on the poster

Who won Physical 100? The Korean reality series on Netflix reached its sweaty, superhuman end this week – but who was the winner of the final quest?

We watched them cling on for dear life over a pool, duke it out for control of a ball in a playground and sandy pit, push a 1.5-tonne ship across an arena, and take part in a series of grueling punishments, like holding a huge boulder above their heads for two hours and the most intense game of tag you’ll ever see.

This is Physical 100, the worldwide smash-hit Netflix reality series somewhere between Squid Game, Ninja Warrior, and World’s Strongest Man.

We started with 100 extraordinary contestants, and after Episode 9 and its muscle-aching feats of strength and endurance, we were left with just one – so, who won Physical 100?

Who won Physical 100?

Woo Jin-yong won Physical 100, managing to survive each of the final quest’s four games.

Just four contestants competed alongside Woo Jin-yong in the fifth and final quest: Jo Jin-hyeong, Park Jin-yong, Kim Min-cheol, and Jung Hae-min.

They took part in four games, beginning with a five-way tug of war, in which Kim Min-cheol was eliminated.

In the second game, the remaining four split into teams of two and tried to flip as many squares onto their color as possible. When the time ran out, the team with the most squares in their color facing up won.

Jung Hae-min and Park Jin-yong went through, leaving Jo Jin-hyeong and Woo Jin-yong to go head-to-head again to progress to the third game, leading to Jo Jin-hyeong being eliminated.

The third game was essentially the bleep test in a triangle, with each of the three contestants running to one point and returning to where they started before the next signal. Park Jin-yong was eliminated.

In the fourth and final game, the last two contestants competed against each other in infinite rope-pulling. They had to pull the rope until it became loose, grab the other end of the rope, and smash their opponent’s torso in order to win the competition.

It was a close game, but Woo Jin-yong won over Jung Hae-min and took home the prize pot of 300 million won (around $244,000).

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