Physical 100 contestants are auditioning for a new sports series

Gabriela Silva
Kang So-yeon and contestants of Physical 100 Season 2.

The adrenaline of another competition series hasn’t left the contestants of Physical 100, as multiple members of the cast have applied for The Gentlemen’s League.

Netflix isn’t shy of competition/reality series that test contestants to their limits. Physical 100 has captured fans’ interest for two seasons thanks to its intense test of physical strength, as well as its cast of male and female contestants.

But it seems that the cast of Physical 100 is trying their luck at another competition series. A fan on Reddit posted how many of the cast were seen auditioning for The Gentlemen’s League.

“Who is familiar with The Gentlemen’s League on Netflix? It’s a show that involves putting together legendary athletes from different sports to form a football team.”

“It currently has Physical 100 S2 contestants Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Jang-kun, and Mo Tae-bum as players (and Andre Jin was a former member). Now, they’re opening recruitment even to non-athletes, and several other Physical 100 men came to audition,” they explained.

The Gentlemen’s League is a JTBC production that’s available on Netflix and originally premiered in 2021. It’s also known as Let’s Play Soccer. The Korean competition series has Ahn Jung-hwan as the show’s host putting together a team of athletes.

The purpose is to audition the best of the best in their sport and form a soccer team in the hopes of winning the championship.

Believe it or not, Kim Dong-hyun had been a part of the series for some time before he competed in Physical 100 Season 2. The MMA fighter has a big social media following and celebrity status that has had him star in more than a few variety series.

With the contestants of Physical 100 Season 2 having become social media celebrities, The Gentlemen’s League will be a fun watch for fans. The Reddit poster is rooting for rower Kim Jee-hyuk to join to preserve the series’ initial concept of recruiting national athletes.

“I am rooting for rower Kim Jeehyuk because I personally want to preserve the initial purpose of the show, which is to recruit ‘national athletes’, but man, Hong Bom-seok is such a tenacious man, I feel like I’d end up rooting for him if he moves on to the next round. I hope his stamina and strength translates to the field during the actual test match!” they said.

The Gentlemen’s League is in its third season with Netflix releasing new episodes every Saturday. In the meantime, you can learn about who won Physical 100 Season 2 and the quests that took place.

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