4 Choi Woo-shik Movies & K-dramas to watch after A Killer Paradox

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Parasite, Our Beloved Summer, The Witch Part 1, Train to Busan.CJ Entertainment/Netflix/Warner Bros/Next Entertainment World

Netflix’s A Killer Paradox makes use of actor Choi Woo-shik’s acting abilities as a vigilante killer – but he has plenty of other movies and K-dramas for fans to binge-watch.

Choi Woo-shik has enthralled countless fans in a handful of popular K-dramas, but made his mark on the big screen in well-renowned movies. Born in Korea and raised in Canada, the actor has skyrocketed to fame thanks to his impressive ability to play a range of characters, especially in the thriller genre.

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He started his career in 2011 and now stars in Netflix’s A Killer Paradox alongside Son Suk-ku. The crime thriller focuses on Choi’s character, Lee Tang, who accidentally kills a man and creates a domino effect. He soon realizes he has a unique set of powers, as the man he killed was actually a murderer. Trying to understand his new purpose, there’s a detective on his tail.

In the K-drama, Choi embodies Lee Tang’s fly-on-the-wall demeanor with a hidden darkness within him. To see more of the actor’s abilities on screen, here are some of other his well-known works.

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Our Beloved Summer

Two ex-lovers meet years after breaking up and are forced to work together, rekindling the sparks between them in Netflix’s Our Beloved Summer.

One of 2022’s hit coming-of-age romance K-dramas was Our Beloved Summer. Fans praised Choi and actor Kim Da-mi for their leading roles. Choi Ung (Choi) and Kook Yeon-seo (Kim) were once high school rivals turned lovers when they were forced to partake in a documentary. They stayed together into their adulthood until having a bad breakup.

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They vowed to never see each other again. When Yeon-soo, now a PR expert, is told to redo the documentary 10 years later, she seeks out Ung. He’s not a famous illustrator and wants nothing to do with her. But as they are forced to work together and face their past together in the same way, they realize their love for each other.

The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion

A young girl who escaped a laboratory 10 years ago goes on a televised competition show and alerts a group of people who are after her.

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One of Choi Woo-shik’s biggest claims to fame is his role as a villain in The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. The science-fiction action-horror released in 2018 and was a hit among fans for its storyline and cast. The movie was the first time Choi and Kim Da-mi worked alongside each other. But unlike Our Beloved Summer, their characters are enemies.

Ja-yoon (Kim) escaped from an unknown laboratory as a young girl and was found by locals and adopted. Now living a normal life, she enters a competition to win the prize money to help her parents. She uses her telekinetic abilities to impress the judges, but it also alerts two scientist doctors. They realize Ja-yoon is the girl that escaped from their lab.

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The Witch sees Ja-yoon get approached by a man named Nobleman (Choi), who proves to also have powers, but is a ruthless killer. Now, Ja-yoon will go on a dark adventure to uncover the truth about her past, powers, and the lab.


A poor family sees an opportunity to live a luxury life by infiltrating a rich family, but finds themselves trying to survive the lies they created.

The Oscar-winning movie Parasite included Choi Woo-shik in the leading role as Kim Ki-woo/Kim. The Kim family lives in a semi-basement, has low-income jobs, and struggles to obtain money. Ki-woo is one day given the opportunity to tutor a young girl from a rich family.

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To keep up the ruse, his sister fakes his credentials. It begins a snowball effect, as the Kim family realizes they can infiltrate the family and live a better life. Soon the father becomes the family’s driver, the mom becomes the caretaker, and both children become tutors. But they all do so under the ruse that they don’t know each other.

Soon, their lies catch up to them and begin to ruin everything. It’s a battle of social hierarchy and how far you’re willing to go to keep secrets buried.

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Train to Busan

The popular zombie-apocalypse movie follows a father’s ambition to protect his daughter amid a zombie outbreak and get her to her mother.

Train to Busan became one of the most well-recognized Korean zombie movies in the genre. The action horror focuses on a fund manager who’s obsessed with his work and divorced. Estranged from his young daughter and feeling guilty, he grants her wish to spend her birthday with her mother.

While on the train to Busan from Seoul, a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Their goal is to survive by taking the train all the way to its final stop. Choi starred in the movie as Min Yong-guk, a high school basketball player and passenger on the train.

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