What is Silo about? New Apple TV show explained

Chris Tilly
The poster for new Apple TV series Silo.

A science-fiction series drops on Apple TV+ today – here’s everything you need to know about the plot of the star-studded Silo.

Apple loves a spot of high-concept sci-fi, with Severance and For All Mankind becoming hits, and Hello Tomorrow also recently appearing on the steaming service.

Today sees a new show launching in the same genre, with Episodes 1 and 2 of Silo dropping today. Here’s everything you need to know about the show’s plot and cast.

What’s Silo about? Sci-fi plot explained

Here’s the official synopsis for Silo: “In a ruined and toxic future, thousands live in a giant silo deep underground. After its sheriff breaks a cardinal rule and residents die mysteriously, engineer Juliette starts to uncover shocking secrets, and the truth about the silo.”

Silo is created and written by Speed scribe Graham Yost, based a series of books by Hugh Howey.

When asked about the source material before a screening in Cannes, Yost told Variety: “I just loved that it was really a big mystery story. The last 10,000 people on Earth live in an underground silo. Who built the silo? When? Why? What happened outside that makes it deathly to go outside? So, that intrigued me as a mystery story.

“Then there is the main character, Juliette, who we only meet briefly in what we are about to see. She is just a great main character for the show.”

The first two episodes started streaming today, with the following log-lines:

Episode 1: Freedom Day – Sheriff’s Beckers plans for the future are thrown off course after his wife meets a hacker with information about the silo.

Episode 2: Holston’s Pick – Juliette, an engineer, pieces together what might have led to a co-worker’s mysterious death.

Silo cast: Who’s in it?

Here’s the main cast of Silo, including details of who the actors play:

  • Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette
  • Rashida Jones as Allison
  • David Oyelowo as Holston
  • Common as Sims
  • Tim Robbins as Bernard
  • Harriet Walter as Martha Walker
  • Will Patton as Deputy Marnes
  • Geraldine James as Mayor Ruth Jahns
  • Sophie Thompson as Gloria
  • Ferdinand Kingsley as George Wilkins
  • Shane McRae as Knox
  • Billy Postlethwaite as Hank
  • Chip Chung as Sandy
  • Iain Glen as Pete Nichols

The first two episodes of Silo are streaming on Apple TV+ now, while you can check out more TV previews below…

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