WandaVision fans confused by two-year-old deleted scene 

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda MaximoffDisney+

WandaVision just released a deleted scene or two through its collection edition Blu-ray and one of them is confusing a lot of fans.

It’s safe to say that one of the most popular Marvel TV shows in the last few years was the limited series that is WandaVision.

Set after Avengers: Endgame, WandaVision followed Wanda Maximoff as she came to terms with Vision’s death at the hands of Thanos through her own unique stages of grief.

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Though the show came out in 2021, it’s still incredibly popular with fans to this day, but they were still incredibly confused by a certain deleted scene that was recently unveiled.

WandaVision deleted scene answers a question two years later

IGN debuted a new WandaVision deleted scene, titled Ankle Bracelet, that showcased the backstory behind Evan Peters’ character in the show.

Controversially, Peters was cast as Wanda’s brother Pietro who was murdered in Avengers: Age of Ultron but, in the film, he was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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WandaVision fans weren’t too happy about the recasting as they wanted Taylor-Johnson to reprise his role, but it was revealed in the finale that Peters was under the control of Agatha Harkness and wasn’t really Wanda’s brother.

And now the new deleted scene gave fans more context into who Peters was as it turns out he was playing the Witness Protection member Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) was looking for in Westview.

Though this is a fun insight into who Peters was playing during his time in the beloved Disney+ series, a lot of fans were confused about why this was being shown almost three years after the show ended.

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A lot of fans had theories on who Peters was when WandaVision from maybe he was playing his version of Quicksilver from the X-Men films to he was just a fun cameo that had no deeper meaning to the plot.

So, even though everyone’s questions were answered almost three years ago, at least WandaVision viewers finally got some closure.

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