Gravity Falls fans divided over “trans-coded” character

Jasmine Valentine
Dipper in Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls has been off the air since 2016, but now one character is dividing fan opinion over “trans-coded” reports.

Thanks to an automated response on Google, fans can’t work out if a report stating that Dipper from Gravity Falls is “trans-coded” is legitimate or in fact purely fan theory.

The debate was taken to Reddit, which has quickly divided fan opinion. “What is going on? I stumbled upon this question in a comment section and I can’t get over it. Was Dipper actually supposed to originally be trans or is this a dumb fan theory?” one fan posted.

The screenshot in question indicates that series creator Alex Hirsch confirmed that Dipper was indeed trans-coded, but this information wasn’t made canon because of Disney itself.

A second fan responded: “No, Dipper is not trans, nor trans-coded. That second image provides no genuine source. There is absolutely no dialogue from Alex confirming either. Because Dipper is a self-insert of Alex’s 12-year-old self,” with a third stating: “It’s not the first time I’ve heard of Dipper being trans, but every time I’ve heard it, it’s been simply fanfiction type things, never heard someone think it was canon.”

Online reports surrounding Gravity Falls indicate that the specific remark of Dipper being “trans-coded” appears to be fan theory. However, what has been confirmed is that Hirsch wanted to insert more LGBTQ+ representation into the show, and was allegedly stopped from doing so.

In a tweet from 2020, Hirsch wrote: “Back when I made GF Disney FORBADE me from any explicit LGBTQ+ rep. Apparently “happiest place on earth” meant “straightest” But as of today, thanks to @DanaTerrace & team there are explicitly queer ANIMATED MAIN CHARACTERS on DISNEY TV. I’m so proud & happy to say that #OwlHouse.”

“Dipper isn’t canon trans. Alex Hirsch has not confirmed nor denied it. But people for the most part don’t think that he’s truly trans and it’s canon, it’s a fun little headcanon that people like the idea of. The evidence is a little flimsy, but that’s how headcanons always are. Let them have fun,” a fourth fan summed up on Reddit.

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