K-drama fans stop watching The Impossible Heir after “annoying” acting

Gabriela Silva
Hong Su-zu in The Impossible Heir as Hye-won.

One of 2024’s most awaited K-dramas was The Impossible Heir but fans can’t get past actor Hong Su-zu’s one-tone acting that has led them to drop the series.

Disney+’s The Impossible Heir is ramping up with drama with every new episode. The K-drama focuses on three individuals doing whatever possible to climb their way to the top of the social ladder.

While the K-dramas storyline is riveting, many fans have expressed their disappointment in Hong’s acting which stopped them from watching.

Hong Su-zu stars as the female lead Na Hye-won, who married Kang In-ha (Lee Jun-young) as part of her grand plan to get ahead, despite having feelings for Han Tae-oh (Lee Jae-wook). The K-drama has an interesting love triangle dynamic amid high-class politics.

Hong has only a few acting roles in her career. Netflix fans recognize her as newcomer character Jin-a in Sweet Home Season 2. The Impossible Heir is her first major leading role, but it has left fans disappointed.

Fans explain that Hong lacks emotion during her intense scenes and adequate reactions to bring her character’s story to life. After all, her character is stuck between a love she can’t have, pretending to be In-ha’s devoted wife, and his family uncovering the truth.

“GO GIRL, GIVE US NOTHING!!!!!,” sarcastically commented a fan on X/Twitter.

Another fan agreed saying, “And the fact that her character is obviously meant to be sooo much more than she portrays it is so annoying to me like girllll act.”

Some fans feel Hong isn’t rising to the level of her character’s story. “An actor’s job is to make viewers believe they’re the character they’re portraying. Suju’s acting is not equal to her costars & her role of Hyewon is pivotal to #TheImpossibleHeir. Since she’s a lead, she drags the story down. Didn’t the director see this in rehearsals?” said one fan.

“I was excited to watch this drama becoz of LJW but after seeing her, dropped it immediately. Juz can’t stand her! Some people can’t act very well but can still be pleasant to look at. Somehow even though she’s pretty, she just gets on my nerves!!,” said one fan having dropped the K-drama.

The Impossible Heir is currently airing on Disney+ and is one of the K-dramas released in 2024, alongside other series released on streaming platforms.

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