The Marvels: Who is Prince Yan?

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Seo-Jun Park on The Marvels poster as Prince Yan.Disney/Marvel

The Marvels features a mysterious character called Prince Yan, so who is he, and how does he connect to Carol Danvers?

The Marvels is a team-up movie that sees Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel team up with Kamala Kahn/Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau.

Together the super-powered trio do battle with a new enemy in the shape of malevolent Kree leader Dar-Benn.

But along the way they make a pit-stop on a planet called Aldana, where Carol comes face-to-face with a man from her past. Be warned – THE MARVELS SPOILERS lay ahead…

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The Marvels: Who is Prince Yan?

Yan is Prince of a musical planet called Aldana, where song and dance dominate the land. Handsome, charming, and charismatic, the people of Aldana love him. And he has feelings for Carol Danvers, who just so happens to be his Princess, based on what Marvel calls “a solid friendship and legal arrangement based on mutual trust.”

Korean actor Seo-Jun Park plays the character, and says that Prince Yan’s “relationship with Carol Danvers is more important than anything.”

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Brie Larson – who plays Captain Marvel – says it’s complicated. “You learn that there was some battle that happened in the past, and because of it, Carol became his princess,” Larson explains. “Even though she’s quite embarrassed about the whole thing and tries to keep it under wraps. But the Aladneans are people that Carol cares a lot about, and their planet needs to be protected.”

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Prince Yan was introduced in a November 2014 issue of the Captain Marvel comic, where the character has an even more complicated relationship status.

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Casting Seo-Jun Park in The Marvels

Seo-Jun Park (known as Park Seo-joon in Korea) is best-known for his performance as Min in Parasite, as well as his roles in his K-dramas like Fight for My Way and Itaewon Class. And it was watching his TV work that brought Park to the attention of The Marvels director Nia DaCosta.

“Seo-Jun Park is a Korean actor who I saw in a Korean drama during [the global shutdown],” she said. “I was impressed by him, and I had friends who absolutely loved him, so when I knew we were going to have a musical planet in The Marvels, I knew he would be really good for it.”

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Seo-Jun Park is the third Korean actor to play a prominent role in an MCU movie, following in the footsteps of Claudia Kim (Dr. Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Don Lee (Gilgamesh in Eternals).

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