What are the Nega-Bands? Powerful Marvel Comics artifact explained

Christopher Baggett
Captain Marvels & Ms. Marvel, with potentially nega-bandsMarvel Studios/Marvel Comics

The Nega-Bands have made their Marvel Comics return, but a fan theory proposes they’re also making their MCU return soon. 

The latest volume of Captain Marvel has reintroduced the Nega-Bands to the Marvel Universe. These powerful artifacts are nothing new, having been appearing regularly since the ’60s. 

Their return in the comics is suspiciously timed, considering The Marvels’ release. A longstanding fan theory has proposed that the Nega-Bands have been in the MCU for a while, making their debut during Ms. Marvel’s solo series. 

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Before these powerful cosmic artifacts make their MCU debut (or reappearance, possibly), here’s everything you should know about the Nega-Bands. 

What are Marvel Comics’ Nega-Bands?

Originally, the Nega-Bands made their first appearance in 1969’s Captain Marvel #16. Here, they’re gifted to Mar-Vell, along with a new uniform, to signify his willingness to die for the Kree Supreme Intelligence and shame him for his sympathies for Earth. 

Captain Marvel and Rick Jones swap places by clanging the Nega-Bands togehterMarvel Comics
Stranded in the Negative Zone, Captain Marvel could swap places with Rick Jones via the Nega-Band.

Mar-Vell would find himself trapped in the Negative Zone shortly after, while on Earth, a second pair of Nega-Bands were found by Rick Jones, the former sidekick to Hulk and Captain America. Rick and Captain Marvel could swap places by clanging the bands together, allowing Marvel to continue his quest for justice on Earth.

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Over the years, multiple bearers would find themselves in possession of the Nega-Bands. Mar-Vell’s first son, Hulkling, would fashion a set of them into wedding bands when he married Scarlet Witch’s son, Wiccan. Rick Jones would also share them with Mar-Vell’s other son, Genis-Vell, who became the third Captain Marvel. Those Nega-Bands were recently stolen by Yuna Yang, who found herself bound to Carol Danvers like Rick and Mar-Vell once were. 

Are the Nega-Bands in the MCU? 

As of this writing, the Nega-Bands have not been confirmed to exist in the MCU. However, there is a consistent theory that they’ve been seen already. 

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Ms Marvel in her costumeMarvel/Disney+
Kamala Kahn’s bangle has long been theorized to be one of the MCU’s Nega-Bands.

For Ms. Marvel’s MCU origin, her iconic bangle was rewritten to be the trigger of her powers. Many fans speculated that the bangle was actually one of the Nega-Bands, a theory that only seemed supported by Kamala and Carol swapping places in the season finale. 

The truth behind Kamala’s bands has yet to be revealed, but will almost certainly make itself known when The Marvel’s hits theaters on Friday. Until then, be sure to follow all of Dexerto’s comic book and The Marvels coverage for more or click on the below articles:

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