The Flash is the biggest superhero movie flop of all time

Kayla Harrington
A close up of Erza Miller as The Flash

Now that The Flash has been in theaters for almost a month, it has become the ultimate box office failure in the superhero genre.

To say that The Flash had a long, complicated road on its journey to theaters is a vast understatement — between filming delays and Ezra Miller’s criminal history, The Flash was pretty much dead on arrival when its premiere date hit.

The movie was supposed to shine a spotlight on Miller’s version of the Flash, which was a highlight in Zack Synder’s Justice League film, but it had too many issues within it from its plot to the horrible CGI cameos.

Now, just shy of spending one month in theaters, it seems like The Flash has taken the crown of being the biggest superhero flop of all time.

The Flash races to become the worst superhero movie ever

According to Forbes, Warner Bros. will lose $200 million thanks to The Flash, which is staggering as the film has grossed $262 million worldwide against a production budget of $200–220 million, plus high marketing costs.

The Flash’s revenue failure was only made worse when YouTuber Joe Vargas tweeted out a list of the the top 10 biggest box office flops and it was revealed that DC holds the first six spots. Check out the list below:

A list of the top 10 superhero box office flops

The only non-superhero movie on the list is RIPD, which co-stars Ryan Reynolds who appeared in the The Green Lantern, the 10th movie on the list.

It’s no wonder why James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new heads of DC, want to shake things up, starting with a brand new Superman movie that’s supposed to be more lighthearted and positive than previous iterations of the character.

DC needs to change their way quickly as their brand is now synonymous with phrases like “massive flop” and “bleeding money.” As the company is home to some of the biggest and most beloved superheroes known to man, fans can only hope Gunn and Safran can finally change DC’s film direction for the better.

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