Single’s Inferno Season 3 cast: All contestants

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Yun Han-bin in Single's Inferno Season 3 episode.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to all the contestants of Single’s Inferno Season 3 cast from their Instagrams, professions, age, and everything in between.

The latest season of the Netflix dating reality series has kept in tune with compiling a group of handsome and beautiful contestants. Ranging in ages and careers, the contestants of Single’s Inferno Season 3 are everyone’s newest obsession.

Per the rules of the series, no one is allowed to divulge their personal details until they become a couple and go to Paradise. While a few of the rules have changed, the level of secrecy hasn’t. It’s a needed level of drama as some know nothing about the person they have a crush on. While others have an advantage if they have gone to Paradise.

Have no fear, Single’s Inferno Season 3 has come to an end and revealed everything to know about the cast.

Kim Gyu-ri

Contestant Kim Gyu-ri in Single's Inferno Season 3.

As the first female cast member to be introduced, Kim Gyu-ri started Single’s Inferno Season 3 well. Her ambition for joining the series is to find someone who can make her heart flutter. She wants to meet someone she can’t help but smile at when being with them. Gyu-ri admits she has a bright personality, but can be cautious around new people.

By the end of the second episode into the third, Gyu-ri matched with Min-hyuk for Paradise. While there, she revealed her age and profession. Gyu-ri is 28 years old and a model.

She explains she was given the opportunity to become a model while in school and took it. Loving being in front of a camera, Gyu-ri pursued her interests and models for fashion and beauty brands.

Her Instagram posts reveal she took part in Miss Korea 2022. Fans can follow her @citruszl.

Choi Hye-seon

Contestant Choi Hye-seon in Single's Inferno Season 3.

Choi Hye-seon followed Gyu-ri as the second cast member on Single’s Inferno Season 3. Sure of herself, she explains she has a bright personality and is often called a “ball of sunshine.” She also explained she believes she has good body proportions and likes a more masculine man.

While training multiple times a week, she bashfully admits people are always asking for her number. When it comes to the series, she hopes all her love hormones awaken. She was one of the first to head to Paradise alongside Gwan-hee. She revealed to Gwan-hee that she’s 26 years old and a college student.

Hye-seon is currently studying at Ewha Women’s Univeristy majoring in bioinformatics in the Life Sciences Department. At Seoul National University, she completed a biomedical science internship and is fulfilling an online internship at a start-up in Silicon Valley. Per her LinkedIn, she also attends Durham University.

After Single’s Inferno, many wondered if she was still dating Gwan-hee after they left the island together. Details suggest she’s currently abroad completing her degree.

Fans can follow her on Instagram @hazelchoiii.

Choi Min-woo

Contestant Choi Min-woo in Single's Inferno Season 3

Right off the bat, Min-woo admitted to being more attracted to older women and someone who is elegant. Being more shy and introverted, he prefers a woman with a bright and outgoing personality. He admits his best feature is his physique like his height and shoulders.

Per his Instagram, Min-woo might be a part-time model based on his posts and tagging himself as an artist. Many of his tagged photos are from commercials or modeling work. Min-woo finally went to Paradise with newcomer Cho Min-ji.

As speculated, Min-woo is a model and loves what he does because he gets to be in the spotlight. He often models for fashion brands and has walked the runway. To even the hosts’ surprise, Min-woo is the youngest contestant at 24 years old. By the end of the season, he was picked by Si-eun to leave. But its speculated the two are not dating.

Fans can follow him @choimin_woo.

Lee Jin-seok

Contestant Lee Jin-seok in Single's Inferno Season 3.

Lee Jin-seok is someone secure in his physique having explained he’s proud of his well-developed chest and how he takes care of himself. He weight trains every day of the week and is told he can be intimidating – but his cute smile catches them off guard.

Jin-seok wound up going to Paradise with An Min-young. While there his career was something many wouldn’t have expected. Dex guessed he was a personal trainer but was very wrong. Jin-seok owns and runs various café bakeries for the past four years. With three cafes in Daegu, he is in charge of creating and baking desserts, cakes, and making coffee. He’s also in charge of daily operations. Jin-seok is currently 31 years old. He chose Min-young as his partner to leave the series with.

Jin-seok’s Instagram is full of photos of working in his cafes and at the gym. Tagged in his profile seems to be his café locations.

Fans can follow him @seok_lj.

An Min-young

Contestant An Min-young in Single's Inferno Season 3.

An Min-young also describes herself as having a bright and bubbly personality. Jin-seok originally believed her to be a racing model. She revealed she’s a Pilates instructor and runs her own studio. As the boss, she’s in charge of the managers and offers one-on-one sessions with clients. She’s currently 26 years old.

On Instagram, Min-young can be classified as a celebrity with over 500k followers and counting. Per her posts, she was also Miss Korea Busan 2023, does a lot of modeling work, and enjoys golf.

Fans can follow her @my_floria_.

Lee Gwan-hee

Contestant Lee Gwan-hee in Single's Inferno Season 3.

Joining the cast of Single’s Inferno Season 3 is cast member Lee Gwan-hee who describes himself as being passionate about love. It seems that Gwan-hee is this season’s celebrity as one of the hosts recognized him.

He admits he has no real goals for Single’s Inferno Season 3 but promises an even better season as he’s confident with the ladies. Gwan-hee went to Paradise with Hye-seon – revealing his profession. It’s revealed he is a celebrity as a professional basketball player. His position is as a shooting guard for the LG Sakers.

Gwan-hee is likely the oldest contestant in the series at 36 years old. By the end of the series, he chose Hye-seon to leave Single’s Inferno Season 3 with. As of now, the two are not reported to be dating.

He’s known for his resemblance to rapper Beenzino. As a sports celebrity, he’s appeared on a few reality series like Running Man. On his Instagram, he has over 327k followers and growing. Some of his photos include eating out, his time on the basketball court, and pictures with friends.

You can follow him @leegwanhee0429.

Son Won-ik

Contestant Son Won-ik in Single's Inferno Season 3.

Introduced on another island, Son Won-ik described himself as being optimistic and honest with a boyish charm. He has only recently been chosen to go to Paradise. In his introduction, he’s seen in a professional boxing gym. But it seems more to be a hobby.

Going to Paradise with Si-eun revealed his true profession. Won-ik is a realtor who is a”broker for buildings and premium properties.” He explains he’s currently a part of the Pent team that provides consultations for premium properties in Cheongdam and Hannam. He’s currently 31 years old.

Despite knowing his profession, his Instagram tells another story. His posts reveal he is an avid marathon runner and likely models. He also has a YouTube channel.

You can follow him @hiwonik.

Yun Ha-bin

Contestant Yun Ha-bin in Single's Inferno Season 3.

Yun Ha-bin joins Single’s Inferno Season 3 as a worthy contestant describing his eyes as one of his best features. He’s all-in when it comes to something he’s interested in and wants to shake things up on the dating reality series.

Like some of his castmates, Ha-bin has few posts on his Instagram. But it does reveal his occupation. He’s tagged himself as an actor – with some fans recognizing him from My Demon.

During his Paradise date with Ha-jeong, it was revealed he was 31 years old. Fan speculation was correct in that he’s an actor. But Single’s Inferno Season 3 didn’t dive into more details about his career or backstory and kept it short.

You can follow him @yunhxvin.

Yun Ha-jeong

Contestant Yun Ha-jeong in Single's Inferno Season 3.

The first female of the second island is Yun Ha-jeong. Based on her looks, many assume she’s a fox able to get her way from her boyfriend. But she admits she’s “simple and transparent” in relationships. It seems that Ha-jeong is sure of herself claiming it’s unlikely another female contestant has a prettier smile than her. She also says her popularity often overwhelms her.

She ventured to Paradise twice – first with Min-hyuk. He guessed her career was as a news anchor thanks to her good dictation. But he was wrong. She’s an office worker for a medical clothing company in charge of customer service, purchase orders, and more. Ha-jeong is currently 26 years old.

You can follow her on Instagram, @hi__jjeong2. She shows off her work as a model and snippets of her daily life.

Park Min-kyu

Park Min-kyu in Single's Inferno Season 3 cast

His impressive stature stunned the hosts and cast of Single’s Inferno Season 3. Park Min-kyu admits he makes his crush know of his feelings and interest in them. His greatest charm is his height and broad shoulders with his introduction showcasing his swimming capabilities.

Many would think he’s a professional swimmer but they would be wrong. Min-kyu will be this season’s resident bad boy the same way reserved UDT soldier Dex was. In Paradise with Ha-jeong, he revealed he’s a police officer and a member of the Korea Coast Guard Special Rescue Team. As a rescue worker, his team responds to ship-related incidents and maritime responses with patient rescues. Min-kyu explains they’re on duty 24 hours a day. He’s currently 34 years old.

Min-kyu’s Instagram has gotten fuller thanks to his popularity from Single’s Inferno. One includes him in uniform and the other among foreign students at a World Scout Jamboree.

Fans can follow him @ssrt_mk.

Yu Si-eun

Contestant Yu Si-eun in Single's Inferno Season 3.

The introduction of Yu Si-eun comes with a twist. The contestant explains she has been popular since childhood. She says it’s due to her expressive and cute personality. Many of the Single’s Inferno Season 3 hosts compared her look to BlackPink’s Jennie. Si-eun’s career was revealed in Paradise and works as a model. She loves her work and being able to wear beautiful clothing. She models in the wedding, fashion, and beauty industry and is 27 years old.

There’s a twist as she revealed on the series that she knows Ha-jeong. Si-eun is the older sister of one of Ha-jeong’s friends and is well acquainted with her.

You can follow Si-eun on Instagram, @yoo__si. Per her bio, she was a Miss Korea 2022 runner-up and has her own YouTube channel. Si-eun likely works as a TV personality appearing on shows, working as a model, and even throwing the first pitch at a baseball game.

Cho Min-ji

Contestant Cho Min-ji in Single's Inferno Season 3

Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episode 5 introduced the 12th cast contestant. Cho Min-ji is the last female contestant to join the dating reality series. Thankfully, fans didn’t have to wait long to learn more about her as she quickly went to Paradise.

On her date with Min-woo, it was revealed she currently studied economics at Ewha Womans University. She’s also an aspiring news anchor and has been learning through tutors and private academies. She spends her weekends reading the news and practicing scripts.

Fans can follow her Instagram @joymingzi_.Her feed has photos of her competing for Miss Jeju and getting a nice welcome box from Netflix. She also won Miss Korea 2021.

Single’s Inferno Season 3 is available to stream on Netflix, and you can check out other series coming to the streaming platform and news on the fourth season.

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