Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episode 10-11: What couples left for Paradise together

Gabriela Silva
Ha-bin and Ha-jeong in Single's Inferno Season 3 in Paradise.

Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Season 3 intensifies as contestants swiftly transition from solo status to forging connections, indulging in the delights of Paradise.

The third season of the popular Netflix Korean dating reality series has a few tricks up its sleeve with a new batch of contestants and new rules. This time around, the drama will be juicier and more tantalizing than ever as sparks and some jealousy will arise.

Like the first season, a total of 12 contestants will be looking for love on a deserted island. But as the rules state, the only way to learn intimate details about a possible suitor is by going to Paradise. This time around, Paradise is a bit different with Single’s Inferno Season 3 giving the couples more to explore.

With the dating series underway, certain couples going to Paradise have already won over fans and are possibly endgame. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Lee Jin-seok and An Min-young

Lee Jin-seok and An Min-young for Single's Inferno Season 3 in Paradise

To everyone’s surprise on the deserted island, the first couples chosen to go to Paradise happened within a short time after arriving on the island. When first introduced Min-young showed her interest in Jin-seok and his more masculine aura. After a light lunch of carrots and canned chicken, the contestants were given plane tickets.

Each person had to give theirs to the person they wanted to go to Paradise with. Min-young had received a ticket from both Choi Min-woo and Jin-seok Min-woo wanted to get to know her thanks to her bubbly and open personality. When it came time to choose her partner, Min-young chose Jin-seok.

Choi Hye-seon and Lee Gwan-hee

Choi Hye-seon and Lee Gwan-hee for Single's Inferno Season 3 in Paradise

It wasn’t a big surprise when Gwan-hee chose Hye-seon as his partner for Paradise. Since arriving on the island, they have shown an interest in each other. Gwan-hee gleefully gave her his ticket, while Hye-seon easily went to give him hers.

After the matched couples only Kim Gyu-ri and Min-woo were left. With Min-woo having chosen Min-young, he was left in Inferno with Gyu-ri. Even the hosts of Single’s Inferno Season 3 found it awkward as Gyu-ri was rejected by Min-woo.

Yun Ha-jeong and Park Min-kyu

Park Min-kyu and Yun Ha-jeong for Single's Inferno Season 3 in Paradise.

Unknown to the contestants and fans of Single’s Inferno Season 3, the rules changed. The new season has two separate groups of contestants on different islands going through the same voting process. On Island #2, five contestants were also choosing couples for Paradise.

But this group had drama from the get-go as Yun Ha-jeong knows fellow contestant Yi Si-eun. To make matters more complicated, they have the same taste in men and set their sights on Park Min-kyu. Both she and Ha-jeong chose Min-kyu during the Paradise selection. But ultimately, Min-kyu made the deciding choice to go to Paradise with Ha-jeong.

Their spark likely occurred during lunch when Ha-jeong playfully bantered with Min-kyu and gave him all the sweet carrots. He had complained all of his were bitter. This left Si-eun, Son Won-ik, and Yun Ha-bin alone on the island together.

Kim Gyu-ri and Park Min-kyu

Min-kyu and Gyu-ri in Single's Inferno Season 3 in Paradise

Single’s Inferno Season 2 added a twist to Paradise with the selected couples. The morning after, all the couples were told one of them wouldn’t be leaving with their chosen partner. In a surprise twist, Hye-seon left Gwan-hee in the hotel to meet Min-kyu. They soon learned of the other contestants on the other island.

In return, Min-kyu left with Hye-seon to her island in a swap. Gwan-hee also met Ha-jeong and left with her to her island with Min-young in tow. The sudden change in contestants had sparks flying between Gyu-ri and Min-kyu. To the hosts and fans, they looked enamored with each other the moment they met.

When it came time to choose the next group of couples for Paradise, Gyu-ri, Hye-seon, Min-hyuk, Jin-seok, and Min-woo had to choose. In the end, Gyu-ri chose newcomer Min-hyuk. She explained that while she was happy that Hye-seon kept her company, both Jin-seok and Min-hyuk were easier to talk to. The remaining three contestants didn’t match for Paradise.

Yu Si-eun and Son Won-ik

Being stuck on Inferno isn’t so bad after all. Having more time together it seems that Si-eun and Won-ik found common ground. During the couple’s decision on the other island in Single’s Inferno Season 3, Won-ik and Si-eun were paired together after having voted for each other.

Their night in Paradise was sweet and romantic. Not much was seen of their time together except their honest conversation getting to know each other. They later took a dip in the hot tub that was adorned with rose petals. Si-eun said he’s easy to talk to and finds him cute in many ways. She also sees him in a different light, but is it enough?

Gwan-hee and Ha-jeong

Ha-jeong and Gwan-hee in Single's Inferno Season 3 in Paradise.

The hosts of Single’s Inferno Season 3 and fans are keeping their eye on Ha-jeong as her flirtatious ways will either cause her trouble or find her love. She originally went to Paradise with Min-kyu and described him as being close to her ideal type.

But when meeting Gwan-hee, she switched sides saying he was even close to her ideal type. She let her flirting skills take control and even teased Gwan-hee to go to Paradise with her within minutes of meeting him. During their short time on the island, they playfully bickered with each other and flirted.

It was no surprise that they were the next couple paired to go to Paradise together. The pairing left Min-young and Ha-bin alone on the island.

Cho Min-ji, Min-woo, and Jin-seok

Jin-seok and Min-ji in Single's Inferno Season 3 in Paradise.

Min-woo finally got to go to Paradise but with a surprise. As speculated, one female contestant was missing from the total 12. It was soon announced the newcomer was Cho Min-ji. Each of the male contestants got a short one-on-one date with her to introduce themselves. But Single’s Inferno Season 3 adds another curveball to the couple going to Paradise.

Min-ji got to choose two of the male contestants to go to Paradise with. She ultimately chose Min-woo and Jin-seok. It would be Min-woo’s first time. Inside a luxury limo, the voice announced Min-ji would go on two separate dates. A pool date and a dinner date. She would choose one contestant for each.

For dinner, she chose the shy and controverted Min-woo. At the same time, Jin-seok was chosen for a pool date.

Gyu-ri and Min-woo

Some of the female contestants proved they are not as weak as they seem. For the next trip to Paradise, the female contestants took part in a ‘catch the tail’ match to see who gets to choose the next couples. Gyu-ri was one not to be undermined as she proved ferocious to win while still having grace and a smile.

In her first round, she went up against Si-eun and won. The final three out of the six then took part in a three-way match to see who won first, second, and third place. Gyu-ri was once again victorious and won first.

For Paradise, she got the first pick and chose Min-woo as her date. The decision was seen from a mile away as Gyu-ri has shown the most interest in him. While Min-woo also had his sights set on Si-eun, his date with Gyu-ri had seemingly changed his mind. The two enjoyed the luxuries of Paradise, a boat ride, and enjoyed a nice swim.

Hye-seon and Won-ik

In a twist of fate, Hye-seon went up against Ha-jeong during the match. But only Hye-seon was victorious. When it came down to the final three, she had won second place and got to pick second on who to go to Paradise with.

The second couple to go was Hye-seon and Won-ik. Her decision was not far-fetched as she had told Gwan-hee that she wanted to at least get to know the others while she still had the chance. Fans had already seen her innate comfort around Won-ik. But it didn’t mean that Gwan-hee wasn’t at least a little bit peeved.

In Paradise, the couple enjoyed a few of the luxuries Single’s Inferno Season 3 had to offer. Like a nice dinner and scenic car ride. But fans knew Hye-seon’s heart wasn’t in the right place and she and Won-ik ultimately ended up talking about Gwan-hee.

Si-eun and Min-kyu

Min-kyu and Si-eun in Single's Inferno Season 3 in Paradise.

In reality, Si-eun’s decision to leave with Min-kyu to Paradise was a last resort. She came in last during the final three against Gyu-ri and Hye-seon. But she had also realized the likelihood that Gyu-ri would choose Min-woo first. In Single’s Inferno Season 3, there was also an inherent spark between Si-eun and Min-woo.

Their feelings were left as simple glances as they had yet to go to Paradise to truly explore how they felt. In return, Si-eun went with a safer choice and picked Min-kyu. There’s no denying that they were also not heavily invested in their date. While Si-eun was after Min-woo, Min-kyu also showed his interest in Gyu-ri. They too found themselves talking about their interest in the others.

Gwan-hee and Min-ji

To everyone’s utter surprise, Gwan-hee chose Min-ji as his date for Paradise. His actions left Hye-seon and Ha-jeong disappointed. During their date, it seemed that Gwan-hee was once again swayed by Min-ji and her charm. Many may realize that Min-ji is more honest and open with her feelings toward Gwan-hee, something he had expressed liking in a woman.

The temperature rose between the two as Gwan-hee showed a very caring side to him the hosts hadn’t seen before. By all accounts, it seemed that Min-ji might have won him over.

Min-kyu and Gyu-ri

One of the couples going to Paradise that was expected was Gyu-ri and Min-kyu. He has shown his interest in her more than a few times on the island, but fans are aware that Gyu-ri has begun to see something in Min-woo as well. She had hoped to stay on the island to talk to him.

But alas, the two were cordial with each other in Paradise and had an open conversation about their interests. Min-kyu is well aware of her possible feelings for Min-woo and had no issue in letting her air out her feelings. A Green Flag through and through.

While there was some sense of heartbreak between them, Gyu-ri admitted in her interview that she wasn’t sure if she felt butterflies but agreed she felt more at ease with him in Paradise.

Won-ik and Si-eun

Having come in third during the race, Won-ik was the last to choose his date for Paradise. He had chosen Si-eun, but much to her disappointment. Even the hosts agreed that she always missed out on the right time to talk to Min-woo honestly while on the island.

During their time in Paradise, Won-ik singled out Min-woo and his desire to beat him in the race. Si-eun was open with her feelings that she was interested in Min-woo with Won-ik apologizing to her. He didn’t want her to feel as if she was keeping her from anyone. But he admitted he was happy that there was bad timing between her and Min-woo and it continues. The hosts agreed he was just being honest with his feelings.

Gwan-hee and Hye-seon

The couples come full circle in Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episode 9. The female contestants took part in a chicken fight to win the chance to choose their dates for Paradise. The final three happened to be Hye-seon, Min-ji, and Ha-jeong. Host Lee Da-hee had questioned Gwan-hee’s actions for being cowardly when speaking with Hye-seon privately. All three have feelings for Gwan-hee. With Hye-seon winning first, she got to choose him.

Their Paradise date was something fans were waiting for as they were one of the first couples to go when the series began. Gwan-hee admitted he was nervous to go because he would be easily swayed by her. He spoke the truth as their Paradise date went off without a hitch and innate chemistry.

He even got into the hot tub which Min-ji asked him not to do. It was clear that both have feelings for each other, but Gwan-hee has yet to validate them to Hye-seon. Fans even blushed when the two flirted about sleeping in the same bed.

Min-ji and Min-kyu

Min-ji and Min-kyu’s Paradise date had fans feeling bad for the male contestant for a few reasons. With Hye-seon in Paradise with Gwan-hee, Min-ji had no choice but to choose someone else. She willingly chose Min-kyu but fans were soon peeved by her actions in the helicopter.

While seated next to Gwan-hee, she tried to get his attention multiple times. He paid her no attention which led Min-ji to cry and Min-kyu to allow her to wipe her tears on his shirt. A true gentleman. Fans were angered that she showed no respect toward Hye-seon and her date.

Min-ji apologized to Min-kyu for crying when she was the one who chose him. In Paradise, Min-kyu acted more as an emotional counselor than a date. He agreed Gwan-hee was a bit harsh in the helicopter. Meanwhile, Min-ji expressed her concern over him having fun with Hye-seon and the ride back. Min-kyu advised her to tell him the truth.

Ha-bin and Ha-jeong

Fans will have to wait and see if sparks fly between Ha-bin and Ha-jeong. With Gwan-hee no longer available, Ha-jeong chose her next best option. Ha-bin and Ha-jeong have shown camaraderie among each other and have a joking demeanor. When having chosen him, she told him he gets to go to Paradise because of her.

In Paradise, Ha-jeong was waiting for Ha-bin to express how he felt for her. He has often told her he wanted to talk to her honestly in a setting that wasn’t Inferno. While in Paradise, Ha-jeong was surprised when Ha-bin couldn’t muster the words to speak to her. He claimed that they were so comfortable together in Paradise that he didn’t want to ruin it.

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