Single’s Inferno Season 3: New rules explained

Gabriela Silva
Contestants Min-woo and Min-ji in Single's Inferno Season 3.

The creators of Season 3 of Single’s Inferno fulfilled their promise of an electrifying and captivating new season, complete with fresh rules, exciting locations, and heightened drama.

For the prior two seasons of the Netflix series, the rules were fairly simple for the dating series. A group of Korean contestants would venture to a deserted island off the coast of South Korea – known as Inferno. Their main goal is to flirt and get to know the others in the hopes of letting sparks fly and leaving Inferno as a couple.

Along the way, they could not reveal their ages or careers on the island. The only way to do so is by couples matching and going to Paradise – a.k.a. a luxury resort. To do so, they would each vote on the person they wanted to go with or partake in challenges for a chance to choose.

For Single’s Inferno Season 3, the rules have changed and added a new level of drama like never before.

Single’s Inferno Season 3 has two deserted islands

A shock to even the contestants, the third season added another Inferno with its separate contestants. The two islands would soon face some turmoil as they must mingle with each other and find love.

Things were a bit peculiar in the first episode of Single’s Inferno Season 3 when only six contestants were introduced. The contestants themselves were confused. Unlike the first season, only a short time after arriving on the island they were announced to find a couple to leave for Paradise. It seems another change was made to the luxury outing.

The first season’s Paradise took place in one of Korea’s infamous luxury resorts. But for Season 3, the couples went to two different locations. One is a luxury Hyatt resort and the other is a beachside hotel. While the first Paradise couples got cozy, a twist would tear them apart.

The following morning, the ominous voice announced one of the contestants wouldn’t be leaving with their chosen partner. Waiting for them outside was someone entirely new. It was soon revealed that while fans had been following one group of contestants, another group was also being introduced on another Inferno.

That’s right, the rules have changed for Single’s Inferno Season 3. Two separate islands with two separate groups. The second group only consisted of five contestants – teasing the twelfth contestant is set to be revealed. In return, only one person from each island swapped places after Paradise.

What does with mean for the dating series? It means higher stakes and more complicated relationships. The two islands then merged into one. But many of the same basic rules apply. The contestants will vote for the person they want to leave for Paradise with the hopes of matching. Couples will also be decided through challenges.

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