Will there be Single’s Inferno Season 4?

Areesha Khan
Single's Inferno Season 4 announcement

Fans loved Single’s Inferno 3 and are anticipating its renewal, as well as wondering if contestant Yun Ha-Jeong would be a panel host next season. Here’s what we know so far about a potential Season 4 of Single’s Inferno.

Single’s Inferno season 3 finale aired on Netflix on January 9 and attained an amazing viewing hours number of 71 million. The previous 2 seasons also gained 79 million hours after the popularity boom for the show this year.

Just as the show ended, fans started wondering about Single’s Inferno Season 4 and demanded answers from Netflix and the show producers.

They also shared their opinion on Reddit about how contestant Yun Ha-Jeong would make the perfect panel host for the next season.

Did Netflix confirm Single’s Inferno Season 4?

The answer to that would be a yes! Netflix confirmed the production of Single’s Inferno Season 4 on the Instagram of Netflix Korea just two weeks after the Season 3 finale. The caption to the post said, “The heat from Season 3 hasn’t even died down, yet we’re already ready for more.”

Even before the news broke the producer of the show, Kim Jung-Hyun, had given a positive response to Korea JoongAng Daily saying that the new season was under discussion and they were thinking of ways to make it more interesting.

He said, “There are so many dating reality shows out there these days, but I think that Single’s Inferno has made a mark on the genre, and it could continue for many more seasons if we keep on striving to differentiate it and attempt new themes and tones.”

Considering the worldwide popularity of the show and how it remained on Netflix’s top 10 throughout its airing, fans expected the announcement of Single’s Inferno Season 4.

Yun Ha-Jeong will be an interesting host

Yun Ha-Jeong might not have found her match on the island, but she did manage to steal every viewer’s heart with her down-to-earth personality.

A Rumored post saying that Netflix confirmed Ha-Jeong as a panel host went around on Instagram and got over 80,000 likes within a few hours. The popularity of the post proved that the demand is high for Ha-Jeong to be on the panel next season.

Fans also discussed on Reddit about which of the contestants they would want on the panel in Season 4 and the tie was between Lee Jin-Seok and Ha-Jeong.

One fan commented: “Personally, I want to see Hajeong!! she has such an interesting personality, and I can imagine her witty comebacks and comments to be super funny!!”

All three seasons of Single’s Inferno are available for streaming on Netflix.

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