Single’s Inferno Min-Ji apologies for “immature” Season 3 behavior

Areesha Khan
Contestant Cho Min-ji in Single's Inferno Season 3

Choi Min-Ji became the target of fans’ wrath during Single’s Inferno Season 3 for her divisive behavior. However, the reality star stepped forward to own up to her actions and reflect on herself.

Single’s Inferno Season 3, which started airing in December 2023, turned out to be a huge success as it maintained its position in Netflix’s top 10 for several weeks and attained a jaw-dropping 71 million hours watched.

Choi Min-Ji was introduced on the show mid-season as a ‘wild card’ who would swoon the male cast into rethinking the relationships that they had been building since episode 1. Min-Ji was very successful in her role, as she managed to attract the attention of Lee Jin-Seok and Lee Gwan-Hee.

However, while chasing after Gwan-Hee, Min-Ji angered the viewers with her behavior. Fans called her out for certain actions they felt were inappropriate and immature. After the finale aired, the reality star was severely cyberbullied over her actions. Min-Ji’s Instagram was flooded with hate comments, prompting her to take a social media hiatus.

Min-Ji realized her mistake as Single’s Inferno aired

Min-ji, Gwan-hee, and Hye-seon in Single's Inferno Season 3 helicopter.
Min-ji, Gwan-hee, and Hye-seon in Single’s Inferno Season 3 helicopter.

Min-Ji gave an interview to Naver News reporter Yu Su-Kyung, where she talked about her time on the show and her life afterwards. She reflected on her behavior on the show and felt embarrassed about her “immaturity.”

She admitted that she hadn’t dated a lot prior to being on the show. She explained that she had always been busy with her studies and attended an all-girls University.

“Maybe that’s why I fell way too deeply into my emotions during the filming. While watching the show this time, I honestly thought, ‘I need to date a lot,'” she said, as translated by Dexerto.

Min-Ji expressed that she got enveloped within her feelings for Gwan-Hee and ended up making immature decisions. She said, “I liked Lee Gwan-Hee with a sincere heart. If I were to go back in time with the maturity I have right now, I would act differently. However, at that time, I was immature and in love. I was blinded by love and ended up being that way.”

Min-Ji was asked how she felt after watching the broadcasted episodes of the show, and she admitted that even she noticed her ‘disoriented and clumsy’ behavior.

She said, “As I received criticism on my messy behavior, I thought to myself that I needed to work on myself. I called my parents, friends, and even the show producer and asked, ‘What can I fix to become a better person?’ I am grateful for the advices everyone gave me back then.”

The model also received criticism when she wore ‘purple pajamas’ on her date with Lee Gwan-Hee at the Paradise resort. She went on to mention how her family, especially her father, reacted after seeing that scene.

“I watched that episode while eating with my family, and my dad’s expression suddenly hardened. He put down his spoon, and there was silence. He asked, ‘How could you dress like that?’ Even from my point of view it [the scene] was a bit embarrassing.”

Min-Ji further opened up about how she felt as hate comments flooded her socials after Single’s Inferno aired.

She said, “This was even before I watched the broadcasted episode, and my SNS were flooded with hateful comments. I thought, ‘What in the world did I do in this episode to deserve such profanities being poured out in all these different languages?’”

“I’ll be honest that my hands were shaking and I was scared at the time. But I accepted my truth with a heavy heart as I watched the broadcast. I understand now that I was lacking and I learned a lot from this. I am moving forward accepting this whole incident as a good lesson.”

All three seasons of Single’s Inferno are available to stream on Netflix.

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