Rick and Morty Season 7 release schedule: Dates, episodes & more

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Rick and Morty Season 7 is in full swing, so here’s your guide to its release schedule, including dates, times, and titles for each episode in the new chapter. 

Rick and Morty’s seventh season might be one of the most anticipated yet, but not for the usual reasons. As fans will be well aware, the beloved animated series has undergone some major changes of late ever since the news about co-creator Justin Roiland, who previously voiced the titular characters. 

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At the start of the year, Roiland was arrested on a count of felony domestic assault dating back to 2020. Although the charges were later dropped, Adult Swim decided to cut ties with Roiland, with co-creator Dan Harmon leading the charge. What’s more, a replacement voice actor has taken over the roles of Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, and a whole range of other characters.

Whether fans support the move or not, the show must go on. With Season 7 underway, we’ve broken down Rick and Morty’s release schedule over the coming weeks.

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How many episodes of Rick and Morty Season 7 are there?

Rick and Morty Season 7 is made up of 10 episodes in total. 

Rather than following Netflix’s trademark strategy, Adult Swim doesn’t drop all episodes in one go, meaning you can’t binge-watch them in their entirety on the same day. Instead, fans can tune in weekly to catch up with all of the dimension-hopping adventures. 

That being said, Season 7 features no mid-season breaks, meaning all 10 episodes will air weekly. 

Rick and Morty Season 7 release schedule

You can find the release schedule for Rick and Morty Season 7 below:

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  • Episode 1: October 15
  • Episode 2: October 22
  • Episode 3: October 29
  • Episode 4: November 5
  • Episode 5: November 12
  • Episode 6: November 19
  • Episode 7: November 26
  • Episode 8: December 3
  • Episode 9: December 10
  • Episode 10: December 17

The episodes will air at 11.00pm ET/PT on their respective dates. They will be available for purchase from digital retailers the day after they premiere on Adult Swim before the full season is made available to stream in 2024. 

Rick and Morty Season 7 episode titles

Check out the puntastic episode titles for Rick and Morty Season 7 below: 

  • Episode 1: ‘How Poopy Got His Poop Back’
  • Episode 2: ‘The Jerrick Trap’
  • Episode 3: ‘Air Force Wong’
  • Episode 4: ‘That’s Amorte’
  • Episode 5: ‘Unmortricken’
  • Episode 6: ‘Rickfending Your Mort’
  • Episode 7: ‘Wet Kuat Amortican Summer’
  • Episode 8: ‘Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie’
  • Episode 9: ‘Mort: Ragnarick’
  • Episode 10: ‘Fear No Mort’

As for what to expect from the seventh installment, the synopsis reads: “Rick and Morty are back and sounding more like themselves than ever! It’s season seven, and the possibilities are endless: what’s up with Jerry? EVIL Summer?! And will they ever go back to the high school?! Maybe not! But let’s find out! There’s probably less piss than last season. Rick and Morty, 100 years! Or at least until season 10!”

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Rick and Morty Season 7 Episodes 1-2 are out now. You can read more about the series below:

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