Godzilla x Kong cast: All actors & characters

Jasmine Valentine
A still from Godzilla x Kong

One mythical lizard, one giant ape, one epic battle — here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Godzilla x Kong.

In 2021, it was Godzilla versus Kong — and three years later, it looks like the two titans are teaming up for the ultimate other-worldly collaboration.

This time around, Godzilla and Kong “face a colossal threat hidden deep within the planet, challenging their very existence and the survival of the human race.”

With a few key changes since the last time we saw this Warner Bros. gang, here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Godzilla x Kong.


Godzilla x Kong cast: The obvious

King Kong fighting Godzilla

Before we delve into which humans are along for the ride, it should be reiterated that our two leading characters aren’t actually real. As the title suggests, Godzilla and King Kong are taking center stage, with a few more ape-shaped faces to meet along the way.

Speaking to Post Perspective, the 2021 film’s VFX supervisor Bryan Hirota explained: “As Godzilla vs. Kong takes place 50 years after Skull Island, we explored aging Kong relative to the number of years that had elapsed. We received concept art from the client as a starting point and, along with real-world references, we developed a final ‘old man’ look for Kong, who was more aged, muscular, and bigger while still maintaining continuity from Skull Island in relation to any past wounds and battle scars.”

Dr. Ilene Andrews: Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall in Godzilla x Kong

Dr. Ilene Andrews is working as one of the senior scientists at Skull Island at the time Kong manages to break free from his enclosure. She has an adopted daughter called Jia, dedicating the rest of her life to studying the giant ape — though he can never fully trust her.

Alongside appearing in the first Kongzilla installment, Rebecca Hall can also be recognized from Iron Man 3, The Town, and Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Bernie Hayes: Brian Tyree Henry

Brian Tyree Henry in Godzilla x Kong

Bernie Hayes is originally a conspiracy theorist who hosts the Titan Truth Podcast, before posing as a technician at Apex Cybernetics’ Pensacola facility to investigate and hopefully expose the company’s shady activities. He’s also a survivor of a previous Godzilla attack.

Fans might also recognize Bryan Tyree Henry from Bullet Train, Eternals, and starring in Causeway alongside Jennifer Lawrence.

Trapper: Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens in Godzilla x Kong

Brand new to Godzilla x Kong, there’s little known about Trapper. However, we can infer that he has an existing relationship with Ilene from the trailer, alongside potentially rubbing Bernie up the wrong way.

Downton Abbey, Night at the Museum, The Guest, and Solar Opposites are all previous acting credits in Dan Stevens’ career.

Jia: Kaylee Hottle

Jia in Godzilla x Kong

Ilene’s adopted daughter, Jia is deaf, as well as originally being Iwi. She has formed a special bond with Kong, and is able to communicate with him via sign language.

The Godzilla vs. Kong movies are Kaylee’s first acting credits, with the character returning from the first film.

Mikael: Alex Ferns

Currently, nothing is known about Mikael, who is a new character for Godzilla x Kong.

Alex Ferns is best known for his roles in The Batman, Joyeux Noel, and UK soap opera Eastenders.

Iwi Queen: Fala Chen

Currently, nothing is known about Iwi Queen, who is a new character for Godzilla x Kong. However, she’s like to be connected to Kong and Jia in some form.

Fala Chen has previously been in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Irma Vep, and The Undoing.

Hampton: Rachel House

Currently, nothing is known about Hampton, who is a new character for Godzilla x Kong.

Whale Rider, Boy, and Thor: Ragnarok are all included in Rachel House’s previous acting credits.

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