Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti benchmarks leak and it’s not what was expected

Joel Loynds

Nvidia’s latest GPU, the RTX 4060 Ti, has had its Geekbench benchmarks leak after someone uploaded them online. The results don’t look like much of a generational leap.

The RTX 4060 Ti’s Geekbench score has revealed the gap between the last generation and the current isn’t that big. In fact, it’s an incremental upgrade in terms of raw power, offering at most a 9% increase over the 3060 Ti.

Geekbench allows benchmarkers to break down the score to the very CUDA cores that make up the 4060 Ti. The new card scored 146170, while the 3060 Ti managed to score at most, around 138,000.

The Geekbench results also confirm just how many CUDA cores are onboard the 4060 Ti, with 4352 CUDA cores equipped to the 8GB model planned for launch later this month.

As of right now, it looks as if the VRAM has been clocked in at 18 Gbps, with a maximum frequency of 2.54GHz all in all.

RTX 4060 Ti specs

RTX 4060 TiScore/Spec
Geekbench score146170
CUDA Cores4352
Boost Clock2535 MHz
Memory (GDDR6)8GB
Memory Bandwidth288 GB/s

RTX 4060 Ti looks to be another incremental upgrade

rtx 4060 ti card in pc

Nvidia’s recent lineup of RTX 40-series GPUs has been criticized for not offering that true generational leap that was expected from them. While the RTX 4090 has certainly impressed, things like the RTX 4070 have wound up with production cuts due to a lack of interest.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The RTX 4060 Ti will give its users access to things like AV1 encoding for streaming, DLSS 3 to push the GPU further than ever intended and other future updates not possible to do on the older generations.

Nvidia is expected to include the RTX 4060 Ti in the Computex keynote, which Jensen Huang, CEO of the company, will be hosting again this year. It was initially expected for the release date to be announced there, but rumors are now suggesting that it could launch beforehand on May 24.