Nvidia CEO expected to announce new GPUs at Computex 2023 keynote

Joel Loynds
nvidia computex announcement

Nvidia’s Computex 2023 keynote will most likely revolve around upcoming graphics cards, which are expected to have release dates announced.

A vague announcement from Nvidia has confirmed that Jensen Huang, the CEO, will give his first Computex keynote since 2018. The CEO’s appearance has given credence to the rumors that Computex is where some major announcements will take place.

Nvidia’s keynote will take place on May 29 2023 at 11 am Taipei time. This converts to the following:

United States EST11 PM
United States PST8 PM
United Kingdom4 AM

Huang isn’t reclusive but has been missing from Nvidia’s Computex appearances since 2019. Due to ongoing worldwide issues, it’s assumed that he’s saved himself for Nvidia’s own GTC events.

RTX 4060 Ti could be announced at Computex

The keynote is where it’s expected that Nvidia might announce its lower-end desktop GPU cards release dates, nearly completing the 40-series cycle for now. As the 4070 failed to gain much traction, and going off of recent Steam Hardware surveys, the 4060 Ti, 4060, and 4050 GPUs are what most gaming enthusiasts appear to be waiting for.

Typically cheaper than the rest of the range, the 4060 Ti has been slated for an end-of-May release date for some time now. With the keynote happening on the 29th, it could be a quick drop within the day or two after.

As for the 4090 Ti, we’d suspect that this will be saved later into 2023 for GTC for a big end-of-year splash.

Nvidia Computex keynote and AI

Blue abstract image of a neural network

These events aren’t strictly for gaming though, with Nvidia’s last few big keynotes focusing heavily on its AI and content creation aspects.

During the last GTC event, Nvidia spent some time talking about Omniverse. Omniverse is its creative application that can hook into various software to begin linking them together.

Now, with the explosion of generative AI and Nvidia’s massive investment in that sector since 2017, we’re also expecting to see Nvidia talk about its advancements with particular RTX cards as well. OpenAI and Nvidia reportedly struck a deal to have 30,000 GPUs provided to them.

On the gaming front, you should probably expect to see more being talked about DLSS, the supersampling algorithm that got a massive upgrade recently. Available only on 40-series cards, the keynote might follow up on GTC’s DLSS 3 focus to bring new updates as the list of games that support it grows exponentially.

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