AMD Zen 5 CPU spotted in the wild after benchmark leaks

AMD Zen 5 spotted

A Cinebench benchmark using an AMD Zen 5 processor has been leaked online with an impressive score of 123K, a 15% increase from its predecessor.

An upcoming AMD CPU has been found online after an apparent benchmark using a new Zen 5 chip surfaced. Moore’s Law is Dead, a podcast dedicated to all things PC, has discovered a Cinebench test that seems to be using a next-generation chip.

It’s been determined that this is from AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 CPUs due to the specs onboard the supposed engineering sample. Currently, AMD’s Zen 4 L1 Cache is 64KB per core, while this has 80KB across the 128 cores.

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Zen 5 Epyc CPU beats liquid nitrogen-cooled CPUs

AMD Zen 5 benchmarks

This CPU from AMD won’t be gaming-focused or for regular consumers, as it clearly stems from AMD’s Epyc lineup. Epyc chips are usually implemented in large-scale workstation builds, or servers.

However, more interesting than the Zen 5 leaking, is the score that AMD’s chip managed to get even as an engineering sample. Clocking in a score of 123K on Cinebench puts it in the upper echelons of the CPUs that have had public scores attached to them. It is around 15% faster than its previous, Genoa-based Zen 4 Epyc CPU.

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This includes overclocked CPUs that have been dunked in liquid nitrogen to keep them running at optimized temperatures.

AMD scores the upper hand with recent releases

Zen 5 Logo

Team Red’s latest consumer-focused CPU, the 7800X3D runs the Zen 4 architecture and has been dominating benchmarks since people got their hands on it.

It has even gone so far as to best Intel’s flagship CPUs the 13900K and 13900KS in gaming benchmarks partially thanks to its increased cache, which AMD dubs “3D V-Cache”.

AMD plans to release Zen 5 for its Epyc products sometime next year, which will also begin using a new 4nm or 3nm process during manufacturing. A smaller die means that AMD will be able to cram more power into the upcoming CPUs.

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Zen 5 will also receive that same 3D V-Cache update too in 2024 after the consumer-grade processors have all been released.

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